I Have a Theory

May 23, 2008 at 2:25 pm (World of Warcraft)

I think we’re already level 80.

Did you notice that each level took about twice as much exp from 60-70 as it should have?  Did you notice that new spells were available each level where before it was only every 2 levels?  Did you notice your stats pretty much double (or more) from 60-70 while the previous double was from 40-60?

I’m not sure why they did it, but there’s lots of little evidence that 60-70 is actually a compressed 60-80.  Maybe it would have been too easy to level… I think I went up 2 levels each zone I was in.  Going up 4 levels a zone may have made them seem long and tedious or maybe that levels didn’t have enough value.  Maybe not compressing the levels would not make a noticeable enough difference between 70 and 60.  Maybe they wanted to make more zones accessible sooner (you can go to Zan right now at 60 and do fine, but if the mobs were 64-68 it would be a much scarier place).

Doesn’t really matter much in the end, I just look forward to being level 120, I mean 80.


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  1. Ceolwulf said,

    Completely agreed. I leveled so fast from 58-60 that the next step just felt like it dragged on forever. Two Outland levels per old world level … I’d say more like three.

    I’m thinking this may be even more the case with the new expansion, since they’re saying it’ll be a lot bigger geographically than Outland.

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