Get Me Off

May 23, 2008 at 12:33 pm (PvP, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Good grief do I hate my server.

My wife works 80hrs a week, which leaves me at home with our 2yo alone most nights. Once I finally get her to bed there’s lots of picking up to do before I can actually spend time goofing off. This usually means I get an hour or two to play before I get tired and go to bed. My wife has graciously given me one night a week where I can get out of the house and not worry about her, my daughter, or the house chores, and just enjoy myself.

Last night was my night off.

Having not really done anything with my dire raven yet, I was really looking forward to grinding hard. Now, in the end, it was a successful night. I got the remaining 4 bars of 68 and 1 more into 69 leaving only 5 more to go. Basically, I gained 50% of what was remaining to get to 70. However, over the course of the 3 hours I played I was ganked 8 times. Eight freaking times.

The first 2 happened when doing my daily rounds for SSO supplies. Horde were running rampant around the throne in HP, so that one wasn’t a surprise. It didn’t even phase me actually. I had already delivered my poo and was just killing the crack elves. The next was much more frustrating. I had gathered 8/10 mana cells and was looting my 9th when a warlock pops in DoTs and runs in an impossible to target (because of terrain) circle. Seriously, I never even got to see him. More grinding for another phasing device and 2 freaking cells.

Done with Outland I hopped over to the isle. Again, I noticed a larger horde presence, but they left me alone. That is until the gank squad showed up. There were 5-6 decked in at least S2 gear, just rolling around outside the quest givers. They killed so fast they didn’t need to camp corpses to keep you in permadeath. By the time you made it back to your body they had already finished their sweep one way and were on their way back. After watching them for a bit I found a out of the way location up on a building where the mobs would spawn and I figured they’d leave me alone. They walked by under me, and seemed to pass by. Nope. Priest turns around and MCed me to walk me off the building. Stupid horde even killed my pet each time before finishing me off so that I’d start with even less mana and it would cost me food. After 4 deaths, I had finished my quests.

Then, there was one more out on the boats from a rogue that I got below 20% health 3x, but he must have had a health pot and a health stone. I died with him at 3%. I did a spirit rez because I didn’t want to put up with anymore, and hearthed back to Shat.

I took a short break, got some water, and took a few deep breaths.

I had been doing skyguard quests for the free health pots more than anything else, but quit when bliz nerfed that and made the birds smart. Then I went looking for a new trinket and saw I was only 7k rep from exalted. So when I have time, I’ve been doing the eggs and escort for 500 rep. Anyway. Bombing eggs and a bird knocks me out of the air. Pet grabs it, and I’m just doing auto shot because of low HP from the fall and I don’t want to pull agro. Suddenly, DoT, DoT, Dead. Hello #8.

Now, of the RL guys I know, only 1 still plays. After the skettis death, I’m riding around doing group quests, which are nice exp for my pet, and telling him about how I hate the server because of all the ganking. His sympathetic response was, well that’s what you get when you want to roll on a PvP server.

I’ve heard it before, and I’m sure I’ll hear it again, but that really pisses me off. I didn’t want to roll on a PvP server. I wanted to roll with my friends. And now where are they?

The server has been listed as ‘full’ for several months, and I can’t wait until they open the free transfers.



  1. Bobo & SgtPork said,

    A free transfer is likely to be to another PvP server, is it not? Might be time to see if you can swing the $25 . . .

  2. Jayhawk said,

    You know, this sounds very familiar. My first toon (a ‘lock) I rolled on a PvP server because of a friend of mine playing there. We started off alright, but he soon zoomed to the 40s while I was still at my twenties. He went serious raiding and went seriously pissed fo from being ganged. I think I spent an evening being dead most of the time trying to quest in Charred Vale.

    At that time you couldn’t really transfer voluntarily, but when the server got to crowded I took my chance and tried. Still PvP so by the time I got to my mid thirties I gave up and moved to a PvE server. Happily I did so with a friend I still play with.
    (When the paid server moves came up I moved Jayde to Kul Tiras. She’s now getting close to 60, and I still don’t play her much, but that’s because I spend too much time playing with my friend).

    If it really ticks you off that much, pay the couple bucks and move PvE?

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