Summing Up My Trees

May 21, 2008 at 1:40 pm (Game Design, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , )

Ok hopefully you’ve looked at the talents and descriptions I’ve made. I’m sure some of my choices are questionable, but here are some of my philosophies.

Make MM more group friendly.  Right now the only thing MM brings is TSA and their own DPS.  There’s really no synergy.  I added a magic based EW for the raid and armor penetration to further enhance the melee in the group scaling with Int and RAP respectively.  I also wanted to bring the ‘bang’ back to MM, but give it a twist.

Tone down BM a bit.  Right now you can plop a BM anywhere in a raid and he helps.  I wanted to focus a bit more on enhancing magic users since MM has the physical DPS handled.  That meant I needed to put more magic damage into the tree.  Hense, making a portion of both pet and hunter DPS magic based.  It probably makes more sense to be nature rather than shadow, but I like the lupos reference.

SV is finally something I would take.  Tanking is the culmination of the CC and survivability that SV is supposed to be about, and it brings the pet into a 2nd tree.  Have you noticed that with a pet based class 2/3 of our trees have nothing to do with pets?  Anyway.  I really don’t like Readiness or MT, and if I were to spec down the tree, I would take the trapping skills instead.

Another thing I was really going for is that any 51-20 combination was viable.

  • 51/20/0 – Pet focused DPS
  • 51/0/20 – BM with trapping
  • 20/51/0 – Hunter focused DPS
  • 0/51/20 – MM with trapping
  • 20/0/51 – Pet survivalist
  • 0/20/51 – CC master (or even 0/30/41)

I’m very happy with the way things turned out.


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  1. Fearstalker said,

    I still think you’ve gimped BM. I don’t think 51 in BM is viable outside of raids as you propose.

    The 51-point talent needs to be something that is viable in raids and solo.

    As you propose it, I’d much more likely go 41/30/0 for the soloing that I do. Or even a 51/20/0 but, only using the lower BM talents to boost my pet.

    When I hit Northrend, I’ll likely put my first 3 points when leveling into the extra range, just for the time leveling.

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