Proposed WotLK Hunter Talents (Mark II)d

May 21, 2008 at 1:09 pm (Game Design, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, )

Beast Mastery

Qualifier: None of these are ALPHA talents, they are my own inventions of imagination.

BM actually still has some issues. First off, it has some PvP issues since it relies heavily on steady shot which can be pushedback. Second, almost every kind of improvement has already been made to the pet (HP, armor, damage, crit, haste, frenzy, hit, dodge) so there’s not much left… or is there?

Tree Again.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

For PvP, what I really wanted to do is make the pet the target to the point where if you enter an arena and see a BM, your casters will be screaming ‘kill that pet now!’ rather than ‘kill that hunter now!’ The way to do that is have the hunter harder to kill than the pet (at least while alive) and second make the pet the bigger threat. It started with Spirit Bond change, but will continue here.

Spirit of Lupos(3/3): Your physical attacks deal 10-30% of their damage as shadow damage and your pet’s physical attacks deal 20-60% of their damage as shadow damage.

A simple armor avoidance talent which allows the +spell damage from RAP to help base attacks.

Haunting Howl(3/3): Your pet’s Growl attacks have a 25-75% chance to increase spell casting time and attack speed of all targets withing 5 yards by 30% for 3s and reduce their movement speed by 50% for 3s.
Unexpected Blow(3/3): Your pet’s regular attacks have a 3-10% chance to knockback their target 5 yards. Targets within 3 yards of the end of the knockback are stunned for 1s.

Random, useful, and quite possibly hilarious.

Natural Echo(5/5):Your critical strikes grant a 10-50% chance to increase the damage of your party’s magical attacks against the target by 10%. Effect lasts 8s.

Where MMs will be buffing physical attacks, BMs will be helping out the casters. Spirit of Lupos makes this a modest boost for soloing, but clearly it shines in raids.

Feedback(1/1): While active your each of your regular ranged attacks gains an additional 10% of your pet’s last attack in damage and each of your pet’s regular attacks gain an additional 10% of your last ranged attack in damage. Lasts for 10s. After effect wears off both hunter and pet become disoriented for 5s.

This should be about 5(6 with haste) shots for a BM hunter depending on haste. To illustrate:

Hunter: 250 damage (125 DPS)
Pet: 100 damage (50 DPS)

Feedback begins –
Hunter shot 1: 250 + (100 x .1) = 260
Pet attack 1: 100 + (260 x .1) = 126
H2: 250 + (126 x .2) = 275
P2: 100 + (275 x .2) = 155
H3: 250 + (155 x .3) = 297
P3: 100 + (297 x .3) = 189
H4: 250 + (189 x .4) = 326
P4: 100 + (326 x .4) = 230
H5: 250 + (230 x .5) = 365
P5: 100 + (365 x .5) = 283
H6: 250 + (283 x .6) = 420
P6: 100 + (420 x .6) = 352

Those numbers at the end look quite spectacular considering we started with 250 and 100, but let’s look at the overall DPS assuming the attack speed is 2s. The total damage for hunter and pet are 1943 and 1335. During the effect DPS went from 125 to 194.3 for the hunter and 50 to 133.5. Nice burst. But then figure in the 5s of no damage at the end. Then the numbers are 125 to 129.5 and 50 to 89.0. Much more modest and reasonable. Then consider what could happen in those 5s where they are just wandering around disoriented. Also consider that this only improves white damage, and the hunter will also lose special damage during the disorient. It’s much less OP than it seems at first glance. Put in a cooldown to further lower the spike and now you have a great PvE and PvP finisher.



  1. Fearstalker said,

    Sorry, the disorient on feedback would make you a sitting duck. I’d never take that talent.

    Your top tier talents also gimp BM for solo use. I’d never take either one, and likely go MM if this was the new tree. The top talent needs to be viable for solo. It could simply be an enhanced BW.

    I like the idea of the spirit of Lupos, having more pet synergy, but it seems like Blizz is trying to nerf that now anyway.

  2. Znodis said,

    I’m guessing you’re not the only one worried about the AoE portions of the T9s there. Keep in mind that 5yards is not very far. It’s basically the middle of melee range, so any PvE targets would most likely have already agroed.

    Arc over at TKAsomething, did a quick figure including rapid fire and several other extra haste effects and got Feedback up to 1500 damage per hunter shot and overall damage from the pet to 4k in 10s from the same starting points. It’s meant as a last ditch shot where hopefully you’re aimlessly wandering around your opponents corpse (or you’re dead). Don’t forget disorients are broken on damage.

    I can see someone not taking it, but then I wouldn’t take silencing shot or readiness.

    If it’s any comfort, Blizzards talents are likely to be much lamer…

  3. Fearstalker said,


    But overall you bring up a good point, how do you increase damage without adding more shots that we won’t use anyway? Blizz seems to want pets weaker, is this a prelude to WotLK talents, or?..

  4. Anonymous said,

    Or just pop TBW before the buff finishes :)

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