May 19, 2008 at 8:26 am (Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

Yesterday afternoon, my Dragonhawk hit 70.  That meant I had to put on the review armor and equipment  and return Rohk back to the bank for Don Santos.  I did so, and since I was in IF (from the respec) and my hearth was on cooldown.  I thought I’d run a couple BGs.  Unfortunately, I forgot to swap out arrows for bullets.  I was a melee hunter.  As I started the round, I wondered whether I should let people know I was gimped.  At the end, I looked at the summary and wanted to give my team a very stern talking to.  Ranked by ‘Damage Done’ where would you put a hunter that cannot shoot?  Actual results below.


The names have not been changed to let the blame lay where it may.  Headake and Dreni get passes since they were not in the entire round, but really any DPSer below me has no excuse.  If you personally know any of these people, they deserve vigorous ridicule for being out DPSed by a Melee Hunter.

Turkeybird, you have a BBLR and a Legacy.  NO EXCUSE.

Malibolgia, you’re wearing BoE greens and level 60 gear.  Did you grind straight to 70 without doing any quests?  At least you were trying.


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