Pet Review – Serpents, Dragonhawk

May 16, 2008 at 10:24 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , , )

I actually finished testing Kite the serpent, last weekend, but I haven’t recorded the stats from the screenshots I took.  I know they should be the same as the other 0/0/0 pets, but I want to double check.  I went and got a level 68 eclipsion dragonhawk rather than a 70 bloodfalcon, because, well, I hate PUGs.

Seriously.  Al Queda’s hatred of freedom looks like love compared to my hate for PUGs.

I sat in /lfg for 2 sessions to get in Botanica or Slave Pens.  The one in the afternoon, evidently no one else was on.  In the evening, I got invited to 3 groups.  Each time, I was the first to fly to the stone, summoned everyone else to the stone, and then had the group leader say “sorry, guildie wants to go” and got kicked.

Three times.

I hate my server even more than PUGS.

So I got the SMV version, named the dragonhawk, Brak and sing the 3 hams song every time I feed him (look at him work those hams).  He is now into level 69 and loyalty 3.  Dive is so nice to have back again.  It’s one of those abilities that you don’t really notice until you don’t have it.  I’m also impressed with Fire Breath, but it’s too bad it’s not a focus dump.

Prior to that I tried to solo Slave Pens to get a nether ray, and actually FOUND ONE.  Unfortunately, he was level 64 since I had failed to put it on heroic level.  I wondered why it was so easy.  Given my recent PUG history, I’m probably going to do it again and just level him up from 64.  Not this weekend though.  I’ll be enjoying some quality time at a nice resort with my wife while she leaves me and the kid to go to meetings.  Maybe I’ll get some play time during the my daughter’s nap.


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