May 16, 2008 at 9:49 am (Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

A few months(?) ago I saw a blue dragon sinue on the AH, and finally got my epic quiver.  However, I never got a chance to equip it since I’ve been using Don Santo’s rifle.  With all the hubbub about growl getting to me, I broke out my Rhok and my quiver and told the maximize DPS gnome on my shoulder to bug off and let me have some fun.  My character sheet is showing a big drop in damage and it’s definitely noticeable.  But man, I love that bow.

It was the peak for me in WoW.  BC has been nice, and my ego loves wearing a complete set with a bonus that the names are all in purple letters.  I just can’t say I’ve really gotten a trophy worth keeping in BC.  In a few months, I’ll throw this gear away for green’s with better stats, and I really won’t miss it that much.  To be honest, none of the gear I have, really feels like I earned it.  BoEs, honor farming, a few rep grinds.

Actually, my netherdrake may be the lasting mark.  It’s too bad the end was anticlimactic.  Do the same quests for X-weeks straight and after a certain number of them, suddenly, we’ll show you a really cool in-game event and you get a mount.  I kind of wish there was an end-cap quest once you hit exalted that you had to complete.  Maybe not.  It probably would have involved going to 3-4 instances or 10 other people to accomplish.

Along those same lines, I made the determination that despite my raptor, Flight, being the better pet, I will be going 70-80 with my crab, Frothy, for better or worse.  In BC, I used him from 60-64, and then tamed a BE raptor.  He was noticeably better, things died faster, horde were killed, all was good.  Except, my favorite pet sat in the stables.

What else am I looking forward to?  First of all, I can’t wait to see the worgen again.  Worgen in the Woods was my favorite questline, and I’m hoping the Wolvar is an offshoot of them.  Did I ever tell you that I wrote a several chapters of an (unpublished) story which told the worgen history before they came to Azeroth?  Yep.  They came from a place called ‘Hel’ (also where warlocks summon demons from, and their ancient nemesis were the Merlocs.  What?  You expected merlocs to originate somewhere other than Hel?

At 80, I can tell you the first thing I’m doing is running Scholo and Strat to get my T0 leggings and hat.  After which I’ll probably do the quests for the epic upgrades.  Depending on my schedule, I may try to get back into raiding.  Just the 10-man stuff for fun.  I don’t want the headache that comes with min/maxing 25 people, gathering consumables all week, and having the raid leader screaming because I’m not doing something he never told me to do.  Something more along the lines of running UBRS back in the day.

WotLK will be very telling as to whether WoW peaked with BC launch.  The time between 2.0 and the actual launch may have been my favorite time playing so far.  After the release, things just seemed to decline.  10 more levels to grind for my main, and alts have even farther to go.  Guilds breaking up because they can’t get enough 10 man groups going to do 25-man content.  Nerfs to things when it’s pretty clear buffs are in order (my shaman is stalled at 40).  Adding 10 more levels, new abilities, and new talents to the mix may just complicate things even further making issues impossible to resolve.

Or they may solve everything.


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  1. Aylfric said,

    There was something really special about completing the epic bow quests.

    When I switched to my “parrot” crossbow, I pulled out the old quiver too. Like you, I didn’t get it until after the fact, from the auction house, but it’s a reminder of the epic bow and staff, which I still bring out of the bank if I’m just joking around.

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