Rewriting the Rules of Growl

May 15, 2008 at 11:19 am (Game Design, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Since Bliz seems intent to have growl scale with RAP (even if it doesn’t at the moment), I think it’s time to examine those formulas from that point of view. The current formulae are:

PAP Threshold: (28.14 x PetLevel) – 1235.6

Threat per PAP: 5.7

The second is much easier to convert. 1 RAP = 0.22 PAP = 1.25 threat. So where’s the threshold? Let’s look every 5 levels for ease. (WARNING: These are theoretical figures based upon Pet stats from Petopia, and threat formulas from wowwiki. I have not personally tested any of this for accuracy. I do plan to eventually.)

Pet’s Level PAP Threshold Base Pet AP Needed PAP from RAP RAP Needed
40 -110 136 0 0
50 171.4 206 0 0
55 312.1 228 84.1 382.27
60 452.8 252 200.8 912.73
65 593.5 278 315.5 1434.09
70 734.2 304 430.2 1955.45

Rate of change:

  • 55-60: 530.46
  • 60-65: 521.36
  • 65-70: 521.36

So between 50 and 55 is where base pet AP is no longer high enough to cause all RAP to increase growl. The numbers listed under RAP Needed are the new thresholds for each pet level. The scaling from 60-70 is fairly flat at about 104.27 more RAP needed per level, while from 55-60 it’s slightly higher. Why? Because PAP increased less from 55-60 than the other 2 intervals. This is worth testing, and maybe where we can finally see growl scaling with RAP. Anyone attempting this should know, it’s pet level that matters for the threshold so using a level 70 to get over the threshold is optimal.

Hopefully, I remember to do this with my gorilla.

In any case, assuming “growl is scaling as we want” refers to 60-70, the new formula is:

(70xB) +y = 1955.45
(60xB) +y = 912.73

y = 912.73 – 60B

(70B) + (912.73 – 60B) = 1955.45
10B = 1042.72
B = 104.27

y = 912.73 – (60×104.27)
y = 912.73 – 6256.2
y = 5343.47

RAP Threshold is given by (104.27 x Pet Level) – 5343.47

At level 80 we’ll need 2998.13 RAP before RAP scales. I’m guessing breaking 2k RAP isn’t going to be a problem. In fact, my RAP went from below 500 at 60 to 1500 RAP after being 70 awhile. Even if RAP only doubles, I should be above the threshold. I guess that’s good news.

Since I’m sure these changes are caused by new WotLK mechanics, let’s see what the old crystal ball says. The data shows that growl actually scaled better from 60-70 than from 55-60 because the PAP increased more rapidly for the later levels as you would expect. IF base PAP were to increase even faster from 70-80, the threshold would be even easier to hit (relatively speaking). I think we can expect more items with +PAP on them or dare I say, a BM aspect that increases PAP the same way AotH increases RAP.

A second thing to keep in mind is that hunters that learned to weave steady shot, got a huge multiplier to their DPS. I believe that prior to BC expected DPS was 1.3-1.5x white DPS, while currently we’re at 2x or more. That means growl is a bigger issue for us right now. Other than giving Steady Shot Rank 2 or reducing our GCD to 1s, there’s really not much they can do to improve our DPS. We can only mash so many buttons. What they can do is improve pet attacks perhaps with an instant similar to Kill Command. Doing so would also increase threat generation. Not changing growl with such an ability would increase threat generation even further.

As an aside, why nerf threat from charge? While I’ve never heard of it done, it could have been a great way to establish agro in a raid. Misdirect to pet for X-thousand threat, charge+growl for another 3k, and then have your tank taunt for I’m guessing at least 5k threat. That’s ~17 sunder armor’s worth of threat. At that point you can turn on cower, and run away for a bit.

I think that’s enough math for you today. Class dismissed.



  1. Mania said,

    In my basic testing on pets under level 60 on the PTR, I found that the formula given on WoW Wiki for the PAP threshold doesn’t hold true under level 60. (The WoW Wiki page itself mentions that possibility itself, in fact.) At level 41, the PAP threshold appears to be somewhere between 269 and 271 PAP.

  2. Znodis said,

    Good to know (and I kind of figured that)
    I have 18 and 31 hunters that I can try to gear with +AP to test with a bit. If you have some solid numbers, you can email me and I’ll mathematize it for you.

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