The Testing Test Data on Test to Test Growl Test

May 7, 2008 at 8:27 am (Game Design, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Short version

  • My previous thoughts were true.
  • Scaling on Test is the same as Live.
  • Growl scales with PAP.
  • Growl does NOT scale with Improved Hunter’s Mark
  • Growl does scale with LoBM and Kibbler’s bits.

Previous Data

Conditions RAP PAP healing done threat @ agro
No Armor 505 415 1750 673
BM legs 1565 718 1750 673
BM legs
1675 828 1750 673
BM legs
1875 872 2125 817
Glad. legs
1958 820 1750 673

New data

Conditions RAP PAP healing done threat @ agro
BM legs
1765 762 2125 817
-Glad. chest
1872 741 1825 702
BM legs
1561 717 1750 673
BM legs
1761 761 2125 817
Glad legs
1844 749 1950 750

The first test confirmed the bump I found earlier, and the non-effect of IHM. The second showed the scaling with PAP rather than RAP. It does make me question how my pet only hat 720 AP when I had 1848 RAP in test 5 data set 1… Guess I was getting tired or let the buff run out before I growled… I’ll leave that one out when I post on the bug forums :)

Now moving over to the test realms. Notice the slight change to the RAP? Yeah. I forgot that I got my +4stats to ring enchant so the same gear gives slightly different results. Luckily 4 RAP doesn’t change much. So I got my baseline in #3. Showed LoBM work in #2. Then showed reduced threat with higher RAP, AND that Kibbler’s Bits scaled.

Everything still works out to show growl scales with PAP above 734 at a rate of ~5.7 threat per AP. Is this good news for the pet review? Was the previous scaling with IHM in my mind or was that a stealth change? Is this the reason test is back up? Stay tuned. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Blog.

UPDATE: I have posted on both the live and test* bug forums.

*UPDATE 2:  LoL – [The topic you’re trying to post to has been deleted] At least some one read the title.  “LALALALALALALALA, If I can’t hear you the issue does not exist.”  :)



  1. Dave said,

    Thanks for doing this. Great info.

  2. Mania said,

    Good data! I am glad to have more confirmation from a trustworthy source. :>

    Unfortunately, your thread appears to have been deleted off the Test Forum — possibly because there is already a thread with that name/topic there that Hortus is studiously ignoring.

  3. Znodis said,

  4. lliak said,

    wow excellent work on the growl testing sucks he deleted your thread though.

  5. Lythrdskynrd said,

    Wait – how are you measuring the threat generated?

    If you’re using Omen or KTM they’re going to report the same amount of threat no matter how it happens on the server data.

    Blizard hasn’t added ‘API hooks’ that we can query threat directly with yet have they?

    No matter what you do – if Omen uses the same formula on both servers it’s going to report the exact same amount of threat generated … this is something that we can’t actually test directly – we just have to infer from when does aggro get pulled.

    and that often happens too fast to tell exactly when.

  6. Lythrdskynrd said,

    my bad – read the original thread :) i get it now

  7. Darian said,

    Keep the following in mind.

    “The only change to pet threat in 2.4.2 is that growl no longer gets bonus threat from buffs to your pets AP (such as charge or blessing of might).” -Hortus

    IHM counts as an external buffing effect, and as such no longer scales growl threat. This isn’t a stealth nerf, it’s exactly as Hortus described it.

  8. Znodis said,

    Except that IHM also doesn’t work on live where it supposedly isn’t “fixed.” It may have worked before 2.4 (at least it seemed to), but I never actually tested it with that build. If that changed, it is in fact a stealth nerf, as it was never mentioned.

    I found that quote again today as well, and plan to try to find a helpful Pali to test BoK (boost to str not AP) and BoM on my pet with both in live and test. Hopefully, I can find a druid for GotW. Heck, with my new found MM powers, I’m going to test TSA too.

    Regardless –

    “Growl no longer scales with external buffs.”

    Is a much, much different statement than

    “Growl no longer scales with pet AP, and will now scale with Hunter’s AP.”

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