My list of Blizzard demands

May 6, 2008 at 1:29 pm (Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

BiZzaRd –

wE Are hOlDinG oNe oF YouR acCoUntS hoStaGE. If yOu Do NOt mEEt oUr deManDs iT maY Be CancEleD (but probably not).

  1. Eliminate Mp5, and Int from all mail gear that also has Agi or AP and replace them with sockets. If I want those stats, I’ll gem them myself. So will Shaman.
  2. Put more sockets in gear. I want to chose my stats not have them dictated to me. The constant mix of AP/Agi is annoying. I have too much hit when I don’t care and not enough when I do. Also, just because something has Agi does not mean it cannot have Crit too (only level 70 rare/epic BC items have this).
  3. Eliminate loyalty. Pets get 5 training points each level. Loyalty is an unnecessary hindrance, and leveling a pet is enough of a pain.
  4. Daily quest to gain one pet level. If I hit the level cap, each day I can do a quest to get my pet a level. Those with time can still grind and a get a bonus once in awhile, while everyone can get their lowbie model pets up more quickly.
  5. Eliminate pet skill ranks. They should scale with level or be learned at the trainer. None of the skill information is even explained in-game for new players. While you’re at it give every pet a focus dump and movement ability.
  6. Pet stills should scale with AP. Why does my pet still claw for ~80 damage when his regular attacks have increased from 150 up to 250? This applies doubly for growl.
  7. Tourist mode please! I’d love to see the plot solo of AQ, BWL, KZ, ZA, BT, SSK, TK, MrT even if I get no gear. Heck there are a lot of 5-mans I’ve never been in.
  8. Give me the Black Bow of the Betrayer, Brutal Gladiator’s Longbow, and Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury. Kthx
  9. Fix FD. ‘nough said.
  10. Fix Steady Shot. If a weapon has higher DPS it should be an upgrade. (See Wolfslayer vs Sunfury discussions).
  11. Give Aimed Shot an auto misdirect to our pet. Right now it’s pretty useless other than MS-effect in arenas, and as opener for misdirect in instances.
  12. Open free transfers off Kel’Thuzad again. Screw my friends that never play, and stop this train, I want to get off.
  13. Free versions of the CE non-combat pets, all 3 of them on the same character. Both EU and US. Also the TCG pets.
  14. More stable slots.
  15. Fix the LB bug
  16. Give rep rewards that we can actually use below exalted. If you’ve revered with a group you’ve probably already found a better drop in the dungeon you were grinding.
  17. Make all rep grinds soloable at least to honored. My warrior wants his pants, and I don’t want to tank.

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  1. Mania said,

    I support a random assortment of these demands!

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