Pet Review – What’s next?

May 2, 2008 at 11:52 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , )

I have updated the Pet Review to now include scorpids. Was I able to kill Crazed Collosi? Yes, one.  And in the end I think it was tactics more than pet that let me do it.  I’m going to try my raptor tonight for comparison. I wrote all that really matters in the last post and the review, so if you’re looking for info check there.

You may notice something different about that review too – Pictures!  In fact I’ve updated all of the review entries with pictures of my pets.  The only exception was Puddytat who had Unknown for a name at the time of his DPS/armor/HP screenshots.  My plan is to tame a new pet and name him Puddytat, then use GIMP to cut and paste the name over his pic.  No one will ever know… Wait.  Unread that last part.

Well since I’ve only seen Botanica as the dungeon daily once and never slave pens, I am at a crossroads as to where to go.  With a ready available level 70 pet, I wouldn’t mind abandoning before I’d finished for the Dragonhawk or Nether Ray.  However, if I were to take, say, a gorilla and start leveling it, abandoning it before finishing testing would be a huge waste of time to repeat.  Let’s look at my 10 options.  (Note: I’m doing this as I write it).

There are 3 other pets that are 65 or above: Carrion Bird (65), Wolf (67), and Serpent (68).  That’s a good selection actually.  Following Scropid Poison with Poison Spit isn’t a bad idea.  Thinking about the dragonhawks I saw in SMV while testing the scorpid, it suddenly occurs to me that I chose the highest level pet for each family.  I also remember that there were lots of caster types for Dragonhawks and Nether Rays.

w00t!  Those dragonhawks are not casters and level 68.  Very doable :)  Too bad they don’t look as nice as the botanica ones.  Big ‘no’ for Nether Rays.  The only non-casters are in instances so I guess I’m waiting on them for a daily there.

Well in hopes of getting more families done faster, I can take either Serpents or Dragonhawk…  I think I’ll go for serpents.  That way if the Botanica daily does happen to pop, I can take advantage of it.  I’m off to get a Coilskar Cobra.  Now to think of a name…

I don’t think I mentioned it, but the reason the sporebat is named Gus is because FungusAmungus was too long and looked bad no matter how I abbreviated it.  If I tame a new one (and they still sux), I’m going to name him ‘JustADoT.’

Hrm… maybe that would fit a serpent…

Nah.  His name shall be ‘Kite.’


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