Did you know I collect pets?

May 2, 2008 at 8:11 am (Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

I decided to take a nice break from The Review and do my children’s week quests last night.  So relaxing to just wander around Azeroth… With the additions of Speedy and Peanut, I’m now in the top 50 for pets on a single character.  Still have miniwing to nab, and then it starts becoming a chore.  I have to (well don’t have to but…) level up fishing so that I can do the dailies for the croc pets, and get Mr. Pinchy.  I suppose I also have to get to 70 so that I can get the phoenix pet from Kael.  Maybe if I just ask nicely…

The only pet that I still consider to be out of reach is the Bloodsail Parrot.  A huge rep grind to get it, and then a huge rep grind to get goblins to not kill me again isn’t something I look forward to.  I would wear the pirate clothes all the time tho.  Arrr!


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  1. thcgirl77 said,

    nice, grats! the parrot is indeed a silly grind. i have some vanity pets too, my fav are willy and peanut but i use tranquil mechanical yeti all the time.

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