Pet Review – Scorpid (Maybe Done)

May 1, 2008 at 11:58 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, )

So, rather than test growl and screech threat last night, I ended up trying out a bunch of stuff with my Scorpid, Lobster Johnson   I’m still not sure I’m done with him. After being impressed with scorpid poison’s (SP from here out) initial potential, it hasn’t lived up to it, at least in PvE. I started with both the SP and claw on, but SP would run out often. The focus was being used up by claw too fast, and reapplication was inconsistent. I tried turning it off and just using claw, but it was better on. So I tried turning claw off, and again it was weaker.

That all makes sense. A single application of SP giving me ~96 damage over 10 seconds. Three damage per focus is a pretty good ratio. Better than bite even. Then there’s claw to take over the 4s cooldown. Somewhere in there is a chance to reapply which is even better if it works, but not so great if it fails. It failed a lot for me.

That was probably more frustrating than pulling agro. So I went to a new method which was taking claw off auto cast and doing it manually with a certain focus threshold. I’m using a Steady Shot macro, so there’s time for me to micro manage my pet a bit. I started off with a 50 focus threshold so if SP was on cooldown, I would claw until focus was 50 or below. That didn’t work too well. I was surprised at the number of times growl would go off putting me below 30 focus and I just sat waiting for a bit more so SP would go off, and then got a miss. I pretty much had a 50% chance at a second reapplication. Frustrating.

I then switched to 60 focus threshold. SP was up much more, but I was using claw about half as much. Since that’s where most of my threat really comes from, I pulled agro more often. Not only that, but there were numerous times when I’d get both 50 focus from GftT and before I could use claw, even more from a tick of BD. Using more skills meant I was focus capped much earlier. More frustration.

I thought maybe it works better in a longer fight.  So I went to kill Raging Collossi and finally finish that quest.  The plan now was to not use claw until 5 applications, and then only moderately.  I gave it 2 tries.  The threat just wasn’t there.  I found that once I got a 5 stack, I didn’t want to use claw for fear of a miss.  It did work to a point though.  I got one down to 30% which is much better than my previous attempts.

I have probably spend more time testing with this pet than any of the others so far. I already know it’s going to be above Warp Stalkers and Crabs, but below Windserpents on the list, how it performs in groups/raids, BGs, and arenas. However, I just don’t feel like I’ve really tapped it’s potential soloing yet. I just don’t know how. If there ever was a case for changing BD back to “increases focus by 10,” managing SP is it.

In fact I was so frustrated by this that I didn’t abandon it yet even though I could write the review and the Botanica daily was up on my server (to get a dragonhawk).  I really want to give those giants one more try.  I hope I don’t regret that later.


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  1. Dave said,

    Great testing mate! Thanks for this, I have read all the pet reviews and find them wonderfully informative.

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