Exalted and Pet Review – Crocs

April 28, 2008 at 11:17 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , )

I almost abandon my croc too early.  Twice.  I finished my testing on Friday and was getting ready to dismiss before I realized something.  Since he hit loyalty 2 before 70, I had trained Asthmatic in Cobra Reflexes early and not taken a SS of his DPS without it.  So off to the pet trainer to unlearn skills and take some screen shots for posterity.  Mouse over AP for DPS, train CR, mouse over AP again, train bite, train growl 8.  Wait.  Growl 8?

Dagnabbit.  I had done all my level 70 testing with growl 7, because I had forgotten to teach him 8 when he dinged.  Grumble grumble.

So back we went on saturday rather than starting a new pet.

I have started on the scorpid who I named Lobster Johnson (LobsterJhnsn).  If you don’t get the reference you need to read more comicbooks.  “Feel the claw of justice!”  Still haven’t seen an instance daily for botanica or slave pens on my server.

On Friday, I managed to hit exalted with Aldor by buying Marks of Sargeras with my money from SSO dailies.  On Sunday, I got my last 990 rep for my new neck piece.  Would you believe that Cheeky’s spreadsheet shows only a .15 DPS increase from Natasha’s Choker?  I’m sure it isn’t taking the proc into account, but man that level 66 quest reward is awesome.  It’s too bad I lost some more hit…

I’ve been testing different back pieces, but everything I try shows a reduced DPS from the BoE Cloak of the Craft.  That includes the Crystalweave Cape, Sergeant’s Heavy Cloak,  Blood Knight War Cloak.  Dory’s Embrace is the only thing that’s showing an increase (.52 DPS), but I don’t know if Ill have 60 badges anytime soon.  I’m currently at 10 and that’s all from SSO dailies.  Vengence Wrap with a Glinting Topaz might actually be better if I can find a crafter and some extra gold. Maybe by then I’ll be done with the pet review and can finally regem for HR, which shows an increase of 2.71 DPS and 2% increase in Hit.

I got a Vindicator’s Band of Triumph for one of my rings, and I’m hoping there’s an update when s4 hits for the other slot.  You can really tell things are winding down when there’s only 3 pieces of gear left that I still want… (Ring, Back, s3 bow).


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  1. Loronar said,

    I was wearing Natasha’s Choker before the pendant also. Even though the pendant may seem superior, I kept the Choker around just in case I need it for the Hit. If Cheeky is right (ignoring the proc since I’m not exalted Aldor yet), then 0.15 DPS isn’t that much of a sacrifice if I need it.

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