Stats Follow-up – HIT

April 24, 2008 at 9:38 am (Game Design, Guide, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Ghanur said,

Never forget: crit rate is worth zero, if you don’t hit the target ;)

Actually, that’s up for some debate right now. MOST WoW classes operate on a 1-roll system rather than a multi-roll to save on processing time. Here’s the difference. Multi roll rolls to see if you would hit, then it rolls to see if you were dodged, then it rolls to see if you’re parried, then it rolls to see if you got blocked, then it rolls to see if you crit. That’s a lot of random numbers generated and comparisons.

What happens in Warcraft is an attack table is generated by placing categories according to result and filling in what’s left over with hits (I’m going to ignore dodge, parry, etc):

1-5 miss
6-80 hit
81-100 Crit

Any other possibilities replace ‘hits’ except for resilience which replaces crits. When you increase HR, all that happens is a ‘miss’ is replaced with a ‘hit.’ No change to crits. Likewise, if you increase CR a ‘hit’ is replaced with a ‘crit.’ Now you could run into problems if there’s more crit than hit, but I’m sure Bliz is not getting anywhere close to that. This all seems to hold true for melee attacks.

Now here’s the debate. A certain mob in MH(?) has a debuff of ‘reduces your hit by 66%’ and instead of having all crits (remember hit is the default value), they had a mix of mostly hits and a few crits. This means ranged attacks do roll for hit first and then check for a crit second. If this is what’s really happening, then it was probably introduced either when dodge was taken off our attack table, or when resilience was introduced. Personally, I’m still not convinced that some other fishy thing is happening where bliz forgot to look at the debuff effect on ranged attacks and is causing an attack table bug.

How much does this affect things? Well consider that determining the difference between the 1 roll and 2 rolls took 3 years and a 66% hit debuff to detect. So… yeah. Who cares. Does this change the HAEP values that I stated? Nope. It’s already included actually. However, I personally am looking at boosting Hit a little more anyway. I’ve had a few viper stings and aimed shots that missed at critical times that really annoyed me. Once this project is through, I’m regemming for +Hit which is almost always the choice stat until the cap.


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  1. Ghanur said,

    Thanks for the update – looks like I need to get back to the raiding game, for the superior equipment to test this myself ;)

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