Some good news

April 23, 2008 at 11:22 am (World of Warcraft)


Aspect of the Viper has been buffed. Previously, it generated mana equal to up to 55% of the hunter’s Intellect every five seconds; now, it generates up to 55% of the hunter’s Int plus 35% of his or her level. This means a boost of up to 24.5 mp5 at level 70.

I lost ~30Mp5 with the spirit change. This almost completely makes up for it. It’s too bad that hunter’s below 64(?) will still have to deal with Blizzard’s mistake.



  1. Mania said,

    It does seem very odd to me to counterbalance an all-level change with a high-level change, but it seems to be a common mistake in MMO design. Of course, this may not be intended as a counter to the spirit mana regen thing at all, but traditionally Blizzard has been quiet about telling us their intentions … so I guess we just have to guess. :>

  2. Fearstalker said,

    Here’s a question…

    I had a drop of a polearm with +52 int on it. Regardless of the AoTV change, would it be wise to keep it, and equip it when mounted for extra mana regen?.. maybe put +9 spirit on it?..

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