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April 17, 2008 at 9:42 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , , , )

After 6 days without a phone or internet access at home, I am finally able to log in again.

When last we saw our hero (me), he had tamed a tallstrider and named it SuperChicken.  Though he has finished with this pet he has yet to write up the review.  He then went to tame a Warp Stalker which he named MstrSulu, and added the line /s Warp speed Mr. Sulu to his /petattack macro.  At some point he then began talking in third person.

Enough of that.

I’m a bit on the fence with BattleChicken.  Having done the spider just previously, getting Dash was a dream.  That still doesn’t mean he can hold agro.  In fact, for whatever reason, I think he died 2-3x as much as any of my previous pets.  He got so many adds that I’d almost thing there’s a bug in his agro radius.  It also could have been I wasn’t paying much attention in general, my new UI making his health less visible, or even the possibility that I was in a more sadistic mood.  At any rate, it’s clear EZ-mode is now off…

That is until I got my Warp Stalker.  If Dash was a dream, Warp is the male version of hysterical paroxysm.  Rather than a burst of speed, he’s instantly there.  AND it’s on a 15s cooldown which means it’s ready for almost every fight.  AND it give’s him a 50% chance of dodging for slightly fewer mend pets.  I really can’t wait until he gets claw.  Even without it, I now consider Warp Stalkers the most underrated pet.

I can has moer stabelz plz?

I have no idea if slave pens was the daily while I was out.  The day I started looking for a run, my friend told me it had been the daily heroic yesterday.  I almost hope I get the run before Sulu hits unruly so that I can re-tame him again.


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  1. Gretadelle said,

    ooh I’m curious about the Warp Stalker. Instantly there sounds pretty awesome.

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