Hunter Must-Have Items That You… Must Have

April 16, 2008 at 1:34 pm (Guide, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Just a fairly quick post to give you a few pieces that are easy to get but you won’t soon replace.

Ranged Weapon: Volanos’ Longbow – Did I say not soon replaced? Well you probably will replace it soon, in fact there are several dungeon drops that are better than this. However, if you have horrible luck like myself, this BoE can easily be purchased for under 100g. I got mine for 50g. Additionally, once you get some dailies under your belt you can probably pick up a Don Santos’ Famous Hunting Rifle for under 1k or Barrel-Blade Longrifle for a bit more. For BM hunters, these rival the infamous Wolfslayer in KZ.

Melee weapon: Vengeful Gladiator’s Waraxe – For only 1000 Arena points you get one of the best axes in the game for hunters. That’s one evening for 4 weeks of losing arenas, which is exactly what I did to get mine.

Neck: Choker of Vile Intent – For 25 badges, you get a neck piece that will last quite a while. Since I’ve never run a heroic tho, this will be where I drop my badges when I get enough from the Shattered Sun Supplies. Runner up you should already have which is Natasha’s Choker.

Trinket: Mark of Conquest (for horde too) – The lowest level item on the list is usable at level 62. Having problems with mana because of the spirit change? This gives the equivalent of 30Mp5 while in combat. AND it adds 52 AP. I got it after 2.4 for the mana not realizing it had AP, and was quite surprised that it was superior to my level 68 quest reward Core of Ar’kelos. The only non-epic trinket that is better than this is Abacus of Violent Odds, but then you DO get 2 trinket slots :) Do your Hellfire PvP daily as this is well worth your time.

Now the reason I was researching this at all, is that I’m still looking for a good neck (which I found above), back, and rings which I can obtain either through gold, rep, badges, honor points, or arena points. No instances or raiding for me. I also focus on DPS over everything else. Sta, Resilience, Int are wasted stats for my play-style. Any suggestions? Here’s the gear to replace:

Natasha’s Choker -> Coker of Vile Intent

Cloak of the Craft

Band of Anguish

Warmaul Slayer’s Band

One other consideration is that I’m very low on hit rating at the moment. Hope there’s something out there that helps.


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  1. Fearstalker said,

    You actually have seen a BBLR at the AH?.. I’ve been looking on 4 different servers and have yet to see one. Guilds simply aren’t running him anymore. They finally make that loot BOE, and NO one goes and gets it. (I want the MM greaves from Kazzak as well, but it’s the same with those).

    Back?.. Vengance Wrap. (or the cloak from the coming summer festival which is a clone of the blood-knight badge cloak)

    Ring?.. The 2 ring from fishing. You need your mana regen from somwhere.

    2nd ring,.. the Kazzak one. (oops, see above)

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