Thanks for the Enchanting Dailies

April 10, 2008 at 1:50 pm (World of Warcraft)

On my server, void crystals were going for 15-20g and large prismatic shards were going for 25-30. So when I saw the enchanting recipe Void Shatter, I saw an opportunity. The problem of course is that my skill was at 304 for enchanting. You need a Runed Eternium Rod to do the ‘enchant’ which requires 375 skill.  (ZOMG, as I wrote that, I realized for the first time that it’s ‘runed’  not ‘ruined.’  I’ve been saying it wrong since beta… I always wondered why enchanters needed to ruin rods to make them useful.)

So I started saving the mats I disenchanted instead of auctioning them, but I didn’t get very far.  Green drops were pretty infrequent.  I was still below 320 when 2.4 hit.  Then I started doing SSO, and opened my first Shattered Sun Supplies.  “What’s the point of this?”  I said to myself as I disenchanted some level 68 item that no 70 would use or buy.  Filler so they don’t drop Badges of Justice every time.  Pop – Greater Essence.  “Well at least I can do another enchant.”  /wheels grinding… /lightbulb pops.

I now get 4 green items daily and at least one skill up just from running outlands SSO dailies.  Thank you Blizzard.  At least you can do useful things unintentionally as well.


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