Let’s Have a Talk

April 9, 2008 at 3:26 pm (World of Warcraft)

From outside my window I hear their shouts from Mania’s comments.

“Ha, Ha! Now your boar is the suXor”

“IS NOT! Your ravager is dumb. My boar can still tank even better than your ravager, because he has more health and armor!”

“Who cares if you have more health or armor? I kill things faster!”


“That’s right cry more Billy. Hahahahaha!”


Znodis calls from the window, “Are those raiders picking on you again Billy?”

“Yeah.” He wipes the tears from his eyes. “They think I’m dumb because I have a boar.”

Do you like your boar?

“Of course, I do.”

Well then you should use your boar. There’s nothing wrong with using a pet you like. This is a game, and you play for your own enjoyment. Not theirs. For myself, I like to use a crab the best.”

“Thanks Mr. Z. I knew that someone out there understood. But why a crab? Boars make the best tanks because they get bonus to both health and armor. Crabs only get armor.”

Chee chee chee chee chee.

“What was that?”

That was my crab laughing. Quiet down Frothy. Now then, I said I like to use him the best, not that he is the best. Your boar isn’t the best either.

“Hold on. How can you say that? He’s been with me and tanked from 10 to 70 any beyond. We’ve done heroics, we’ve raided. How can you say he’s not as good as other pets?”

Well let me point out that you’re trying to justify what you like the best. Why? You don’t need to defend liking things. Just enjoy them. There are things I really like that I know aren’t any good. I just bought 2 Blinkstrikes because I thought they looked pretty cool, not because they’re any good for hunters. Things don’t have to be good to like them.


Since that’s settled, let’s talk about what makes a good tanking pet. What 2 things does a pet need to do to tank?

“Take damage! And… er…”

Gen… Generate…

“Generate threat.”

Right. Let’s also avoid emotional attachments for a moment, and just talk about my pets for a second. I have Frothy here who has 141 DPS, 5988 health, and 12,040 armor giving 53.28% mitigation.

“That’s more armor than my boar!”

Yes it is, but he’s go lower health see? I also have my raptor, Flight, over here. He has 164 DPS, 5925 health, and 11,240 armor giving 51.57% mitigation.

“That’s a lot of numbers. I don’t think I could keep track of them all.”

Well then let’s not. Let’s talk about talent points. Generally, it takes one talent point to gain 1% increase to damage, 1% increase to health, or 1% increase to mitigation. So how many talent points would Frothy need to get to Flights’s DPS?


That is a bit hard to do in your head. One percent would be 1.4 DPS, and that means he’d need about 16 talent points. How about the other way? How many talent points for health and armor?

“Well, armor would only need 2, and wait. The raptor has more health. Frothy would need an extra talent point to get that little bit more health.”

So, Frothy would need a total of 17 talent points to be equal to Flight’s higher skills, and Flight would need 2. You could say that Flight is 15 points better than Frothy. /Grackel, /Grackel Quiet.

/sits quietly… “But doesn’t Frothy make a better tank?”

Remember I said tanks need 2 things? What was the other besides taking damage?


And how do pet’s generate threat?


Yes, and..?

“Well, damage I guess.”

That’s right. And abilities like claw and bite, and don’t forget pet’s that do higher base damage also deal more damage in kill commands. Screech generates thread to all mobs attacking it. Those things still can’t be accounted by counting points, that was one of the reasons boars were so good. They had charge. Now what happens when your pet doesn’t generate enough threat?

“I get hit… and it takes longer to kill things.”

How do you avoid that?

“I just don’t use all of my abilities sometimes. But my boar is a great tank, he can take the extra damage they deal.”

So could my raptor remember?

“Yeah…” /looks down and sniffles. “Well if all that matters is DPS, what is the best pet?”

Well, to answer your question. I think Ravagers have the highest DPS, but cats and raptors are pretty close. I’ve also found screech to be a really good way to generate threat so that brings in bats and owls, but…

“I guess I’ll go get a ravager then.”

Not At All! I’m not saying you chose the wrong pet, I’m saying you’re justifying your choice the wrong way. Don’t talk about stats. Talk about your friend. Enjoy the game. When people are talking about “best” pets it’s always situational. Even if there is a best pet for raiding or arenas or soloing, it can always change with every patch. People even have very different experiences with the same pet. In the end, the best pet is the one you like the best. Just don’t go around arguing about it.



  1. Mania said,

    Very nice. You should follow this up with a summary of the main three points about once, maybe twice a week …


  2. Faeldray said,


    As I once heard: “The best player isn’t the one who plays with the best tools/skills and wins, it’s the guy that plays with what he likes and wins.”

  3. Fearstalker said,

    To all my fellow hunters who have a cool armoured boar from RFK (or is it RFD?..), please keep your boar. It is cool looking, still a viable pet, and very worthwhile.

    To all my fellow hunters who have a EPL death-swine and who grabbed it because boars had good utility for solo farming and wanted to grab the highest level boar they could, dump them. Set them free, and go grab a ravager. The party is over, boar’s threat lead that allowed you to open up max dps faster is gone, and may be hit even harder. The special utility of the boar is gone. A cat/ravager/raptor is equal in threat, and produces more dps (and may be higher in threat due to that dps). The erf-bat is coming for your piggy.

    If you tamed one of those yellow-maned boars from some of the starting lands, and leveled that boar with you, keep that as well. It’s cool and unusual.

    Now, who wants to bet me that now that boars are getting nerfed, Blizz will allow fel-boars to be tameable, or give us a new cool-looking boar in WoLTK?..

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