Along Came a Spider

April 7, 2008 at 9:55 am (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I finished testing my Bat Vlad, but I don’t think I’ll have time to write up the review today (quick version: I’m putting them just ahead of owls for their increased annoyance factor). I have already moved on to spiders, and again it was an interesting tame. On sunday morning, I had my daughter happily watching sesame street while eating breakfast, so I took the opportunity to jump on WoW. I almost started doing dailies, but then realized I should really grab a new pet so I could start working on loyalty simultaneously. Back to Deadwind Pass I go.

My plan was the same as last time: hang out until someone takes pity on me. It wasn’t until I actually got into the zone that I realized it’s sunday morning, no one is going to be here… To confirm my suspicions, I did a quick /who. One result: Rythum <Mafioso> 70 mage. Rather than try to dramatically drag this out to show how lucky I was, I whispered, she was keyed, invited me to group, and into KZ we went. Not only that, but the first thing said in party chat was so how do we do this? Yea, help :)

In the room just to the right of the entrance is the servant’s quarters, and just inside is the first spider pull. There’s nothing so fancy as the bat setup. The only patrol doesn’t get close enough to pull from what I could tell. The only trick is that there’s 3 spiders all together. One level 71e Widow that’s visible, and 2 level 70e stalkers that are not. With Track Hidden on, I could get close enough to make one visible, but not the other.

There were several deaths here, but nothing really to learn by them. Our initial strategy was trap one, kite one, and tame one, but we kept running into issues of them resetting when one was pulled into the stables. Then, the mage remembered she could sheep. Lay a trap and wait for CD, pull, sheep the 71, drop 2nd trap, and tame. Welcome to the stable ‘ItsyBittsy.’  And Elmo’s World wasn’t even over yet.

Much thanks to Rythum. It may be possible to solo tame with wyvern sting, but since I hadn’t thought that far ahead…

Jumping ahead a few hours, I had plenty of time to myself which means WoW time, and was able to get the spider to loyalty 2. As expected bite makes little difference. As unexpected, I’m actually debating if spiders can go on the recommended list. I fully expected a sub par pet, but the base increase to DPS is really close to keeping it in contention. If nothing else, I have a feeling it will be the top of my ‘not recommended’ list. I may have to wait for Netherrays, who have bite and dash, but slightly lower DPS.


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