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April 1, 2008 at 11:14 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, )

TLDR version of this post: I got a shadowbat from Kara last night. Those interested in details read on.

EDIT: The person who helped me is ‘Shizz‘ who happens to be the GL of <Gadianton Robbers>

I hadn’t done anything towards getting keyed yet, but had the lead-in quest to get started. My plan was to spend a night doing the first 2 quests in DWP, and macro a raid request and explanation in general chat once in a while. My wife had to stay up late last night, so to accompany her while she worked, I went to the pass to check things out. Turns out I didn’t need a plan. As soon as I turned in the quest, another player evidently got his key, and decided to try it out. Gate opens, Z rushes in.

Unfortunately, I ran right through the portal and got the message “you must be in a raid” just before the gate closed behind me… Did you know there’s no switch on the other side? Well, there isn’t. Luckily, the guy came back and opened the door for me, again… and invited me to a raid. Not only a raid, but a saved one. The bottom floors were cleared. w00t!

It’s a very cool place. I’d love to go there and actually kill something someday. I asked if he knew how to get to the bats. He said they were most likely in the servant’s quarters, since he’d never seen one and that was the only place they never cleared.

Well, there were definitely spiders, and I had done enough research to know the bats were behind them. However, since I really hadn’t planned to come, I hadn’t yet bought the recommended invisibility potion. Then I remembered someone talking about the back door…

Ran around the ballroom for a bit and sure enough, there’s a staircase going down right above the servant’s quarters. I was actually typing in ‘could you help me tame’ when my partner said “good luck, bye.” Bummer.

Here’s the set up. Down the stairs there’s a small squarish room. There was a Greater Shadowbat(71e) that didn’t seem to move much in the center and several smaller Shadowbats (69e-70e) pathing crazily around him. Both had the same model. There were also Vampiric Shadowbats(71e) that were more reddish color that seemed to patrol through rooms. One bat would frequently path all the way to the door way from the right side, but was unfortunately level 69 for me. There was a level 70 on the left that would almost hit the doorway, but not quite. The Vampiric would also path right up to the doorway, and the Greater would also get close enough to be in agro range as I would find out.

First attempt. Drop a trap in the doorway on the right side hope the 70 gets close enough to trigger it. The 70 flies close… nope. Oh wait, the 69 got it, FD and start over. Since no other bats agroed I know they’re not linked which is good news. I just need to get a level 70 alone.

I had to get my trap closer too the room. Inch forward… little more… little more. Oh poop. I got the 70, and the 69, AND the 71 greater. Quickly, feign death. Nothing happens. I didn’t wait for the cooldown. Drop the trap and hope I can make the 10 seconds until the cooldown. Trapped the level 69 of course. I’m desperately trying to ‘scare beast’ but the bat stuns me. I die with 2 seconds left on the FD cooldown.

Second attempt. I know I need to avoid that 69. If I hadn’t just abandon my windserpent, I might have been able to pull it out of the room and kill it. I also think the 70 bat doesn’t get close enough to the doorway to hit a trap. Ill have to pull it, but at the same time not pull the 69 or Greater bats. I turned off track beasts and used hunters mark on the 69. Now I can tell exactly what that bugger is up to.

I waited close to the doorway for the 69 to pat away, and then darted forward as the 70 got close. Stupid Vampiric patrol. I dropped the trap, and got the 70. The Vampiric just kept coming. I almost got the scare beast off, when he stunned me. Before I could come out of it and FD, I was dead again.

At least the graveyard is nice and convenient.

Third attempt. I’m tired of dying. No rushing this time. I drop a trap in the hallway in case of add and wait for the cooldown. The 69 is marked and moving away. The Vampiric just popped his head in the doorway and is heading back. Time to move. At the same time, the 70 starts coming towards me. I excitedly drop my trap. Way to far back. Dang.

I longingly look at my tame beast button, and notice it go from white to red. He was in range >) I back up a little bit to get a better angle on the door. The 69 came close but then backed away again. The 70 goes into the corner away from the Greater bat, and comes back. In Range. Tame!

Flies right at me. Alone. Woot! The trap is so far back that both the 69 and the vampiric pat to the door but don’t agro. Tame finishes before the trap. Ding. /rename Vlad.



  1. Gretadelle said,

    first, I wanted to thank you for the /castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, !Auto Shot macro. That seems to be working quite a lot better. (which shot timers do you use? I’m experimenting with different add-ons to try to find the one that will be most obvious about when I’m clipping shots or not. Quarts is kinda neat, but the autoshot line is so tiiiiiny)

    I’ve never had a bat. is Vlad a good fighter?

  2. Znodis said,

    NP on the macro. I just do solo content so no one is depending on my DPS and I just spam the macro. It seems to do fine for me. No timers.

    I should be writing up my review for bats tomorrow. When it’s done you can find it here:

  3. Karazhan: Attumen the Huntsman and Midnight « not coding said,

    […] so I’m going to skip it. You probably should too (unless you are a hunter looking to tame a bat or […]

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