Manic Drinking

March 28, 2008 at 11:32 am (Game Design, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

Welcome to your weekly dose of WoW blog drinking games. Grab your Best Hat and prepare to see the world like a Dwarf! (If you are under 21 or don’t drink, it is recommended to do your drinking in-game just before/during a raid and /yell the cause each time you take a drink.)
On tap today: Mania’s Arcania:

  • Take a drink if the post is part of her “Grand Character Plan” to go 1-70 with each pet family (Kaet is the first).
  • Take a drink if you think that’s an insane goal.
  • Take another drink if you wish you had the time to do it yourself.
  • Take a drink if she goes more than 10 levels between posts.
  • Take a drink if she says she ‘had to do it’ for some reason.
  • Chug in congratulations when one of them hits 70.
  • Take a drink if she starts a new character for the project before the last one hits 70.
  • Take a drink if the post is “Name that Pet.”
  • Take a drink for each “Name that Pet” that you have commented on.
  • Take a drink when it becomes the most commented post on the front page.
  • Take a drink if the family has already been done.
  • Take a drink and consider taming a similar pet if you like one of the suggested names.
  • If you have a dwarf hunter, you are required to chug twice, /sigh, and then post a long rambling comment about that one pet you tamed and then foolishly abandon later, but never actually include either of those details in the post. One of the other commenter’s owes you a drink and a /pat, if you somehow manage to include the name of the pet in the post.
  • Take a drink whenever someone suggests a name that does not fit what the asker would like (EX: hunter wants a mythological name, and someone suggests ‘Driveway’).
  • Chug your drink if someone suggests the name “Driveway” and links this post. :)
  • Take a drink and click a few of her google ads, whenever she runs into a tech problem.
  • Take a drink if you noticed that there’s no link to petopia on mania’s front page.
  • Chug your drink if you didn’t notice.
  • Raise a glass and cheer for the greatness that is petopia.
  • Take a drink if she posts some WoW related news that isn’t specifically about pets (patch notes, nerfs, etc).
  • Take another if the info comes from wowinsider.
  • For good measure take a drink whenever wowinsider links Mania.
  • Take yet another drink if you found the information first on Mania’s site, because you always check her blog before any other wow news blogs.
  • Take a drink if the post is about some random minutia and she neglected something more important to investigate it.
  • Take another drink if what she found out was pretty cool.
  • If you still think she wasted her time on it, chug and then go back to earning gear that you will replace 2 weeks into WotLK.
  • Buy Mania a drink and remind her how much she helps the hunter community if she mentions that she’s ‘a bad hunter.’
  • Visit TKAsomething and BRK if you think you’re ‘a worse hunter than she is.” Take a drink for some courage and start your newb posting (but please do a search on the topic first).


  1. Mania said,

    Awww … thank you. This is great! I love it!

  2. Mania’s Arcania » Drink! Drink! This town is so great! said,

    […] from The Mystic Hunter has honored me with a drinking game! It’s really great — I just love […]

  3. Yvelle said,

    Hehehe, “Driveway”… Now, time to see how many people recommend “Driveway” as a name. :P I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed people’s lack of reading skills. My favs are the ones where the hunter wants a pronouncable name, and people start suggesting Latin or, I dunno, Klingon names. LOL

  4. Drinking Games and Mixed Drink Recipes said,

    Wow, i love this entry too :) thanks a bunch.

  5. JC said,

    Great game! If you like this, you should check out this site where you can stream power hours:

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