A Priest Explains Mana Nerf

March 28, 2008 at 12:27 pm (Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

This has the most detailed info about what happened to your mana:


I just did the math on what stats I’d need to improve to get back to where I was. Ignore his Divine Spirit example because he made a mistake and changed the amount of mp5 from 80 to 105 for some reason.

My stats:
185 int
83 sp

pre 2.4 =>
2.5x(83/5) + 37.5 = 2.5×16.6 + 37.5 = 41.5 + 37.5 = 79 mp5

post 2.4 =>
.046635 x spirit x root(int)
.046635 x 83 x root(185)
.046635 x 83 x 13.6
52.64 mp5

Increasing int to regain:
79 = .046635 x 83 x root(X)
20.41 = root(X)
417 = X

I’d need 231 more int to get back to pre-2.4 levels.

Increasing spr to regain:
79 = .046635 x X x 13.6
124 = X

I’d need 41 spirit to get back to pre-2.4 levels.

If you’re having mana problems, go with Spirit rather than Int.



  1. Halabar said,

    What about stacking Mp5 instead of spirit?.. As far as itemization goes, is that “cheaper” and easier to do?..

  2. Znodis said,

    With my 185 int, it only takes 2 spirit to give me 1 mp5. Comparing the 6 mp5 chest enchant to the +15 spirit enchant giving 7.5 and I’d say no. If you have higher int, spirit gives even more mp5.

    According to WoWwiki 1 mp5 is equivalent to 2.5 spirit on items, so spirit is better there too, except that it doesn’t work during combat of course.

  3. Grezzk said,

    Okay, I’m sorry to ask this, but man… I don’t math at ALL.

    My hunter has 249 int and 92 spirit. What do I need to add to get back to pre 2.4 levels?

  4. Znodis said,

    You had 84 mp5 before, and have 68.44 mp5 now.

    To get it back you need ~375 int total (or 124 more) OR ~114 spirit total (or 22 more spirit).

  5. Halabar said,

    22ish more spirit….

    Sounds like the “2” ring would work just fine. :-)

  6. Loronar said,

    Now this poses an interesting problem for hunters, as we don’t have any gear that has +Spi on it, hence the reports on why we are losing mana so fast. Sometimes, Aspect of the Viper is just barely keeping up my mana.

    Your post reminded me of something though. I need to do a bit more research on how much the 5 points in Efficiency in the Marksmanship tree helps with mana sustainability after this nerf.

    (First time running into your blog, by the way. Keep up the good work.)

  7. 41 Yards Out, Marksman Style « 35 Yards Out said,

    […] jobs easier sometimes. I’m also sad to let go of Efficiency. After Patch 2.4’s apparent mana nerf, I think I will see a dramatic difference in mana sustainability by not having Efficiency. I was […]

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