Pet Review – Windserpent Progress

March 24, 2008 at 10:17 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I have been working on leveling up my windserpent, Screwtape, and managed to get 2 loyalty levels. Below level 70, it’s easy enough to know the amount that 5% of the hunter’s exp needed to level actually is, but the bar gets turned off at 70. Screwtape has gained a loyalty level at around 41,000 and at 82,000 exp, which means that level 71 would take 820,000 exp if it were possible. That number seems to follow the growth from wowwiki. I would also like to point out that prior to BC, 60-61 was listed at ~220k so this could change with WotLK coming.

I had some major frustrations with Screwtape initially. The first mobs I took him to were the good ol’ fel boars for some fel glands. These things have charge, but it only goes off if you’re within range. My normal mode is to get to max distance, send pet, and open fire. It’s so second nature I had actually forgotten they charge.

So I head out and do my normal thing, and I get charged at least once by every single boar. After an embarrassingly large number of pulls I begin to figure out that something is different. Oh yeah… lightning breath is ranged. It pulls just enough to put me in charge range. So now I start well out of range, send the pet, and run forward until the red numbers turn white. Annoying.

Then I started to notice that he would stay above 50 focus for a few seconds before casting LB. It’s an instant cast spell though… oh, right. They have that bug where they try to get to ranged first. So, I alt-tab and find a macro to cast LB when I steady shot, and turn off auto-cast.

I’m basically finding them to be annoying, testy buggers. I think of them like one of those finely tuned racecars that are amazing if put together correctly, but horrible if just one adjustment is off. Except that instead of being amazing, they’re just ok. So, maybe more like that old jalopy that your dad kept in the garage that would have been kind of cool if he ever got around to fixing it up.

He should be hitting 70 this weekend, but I don’t expect him to last much beyond that.


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