WE think THEY will enjoy it.

March 19, 2008 at 11:32 am (Game Design, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

That was actually pretty fun, so here’s the BRK blog drinking game:

  • Take a drink if he’s angry about something.
  • Take a drink whenever he refers just to his hunter or to his pet rather than ‘we.’
  • Take and extra drink if the pet referred to isn’t Hobbes.
  • Take a drink whenever he mentions TJ.
  • Take one more if he actually spells out Temerity Jane.
  • If there’s a post where TJ mentions ‘The Redhead’ on her main page, take a drink and toast red heads.
  • Take a drink whenever he links a WWS report.
  • Put it back down and sigh, if it shows he’s the top DPS and he feels the need to mention that in his post like we can’t read it.
  • Chug if he then uses the phrase MQoSRDPS.
  • Hang your head in shame if you don’t know what that acronym means.
  • Take a drink when he mentions downing more than one boss.
  • Toast BRK and chug if he mentions downing a boss for the first time.
  • Take a drink if he actually got a piece of phat lewts.
  • If the post is an Airman Howell story, sit back and leisurely sip your drink but be sure to finish before the punchline at the end.
  • When he mentions Mrs. BRK, raise a glass to that poor, poor woman that has to live with him and chug it.
  • Take another drink if your own significant other doesn’t play WoW.
  • Take yet another drink if you went so far as to setup a WoW account for them anyway.
  • If your S/O does play WoW, buy them a drink in-game.
  • Take a drink if he mentions “BRKWWA”
  • Take another drink if that post DOESN’T mention wowhead.
  • Take a drink if he apologies in his post.
  • Take another drink if it’s a preemptive apology for what he’s about to write.
  • Take a drink if during an arena post he switches between 2v2, 3v3, and/or 5v5.
  • Take another drink if he does 10 matches in 2 or more brackets.
  • Take a drink if he finishes above 1600.
  • Take 2 drinks if he finishes below 1600.
  • Set down your drink and slowly back away if he finishes below 1500.
  • Take a drink if you question the class/spec of his teammates or his gear/gems/enchants.
  • Take another drink if you think you should post your thoughts in the comments.
  • If you actually post your comments, quit reading his blog and go start your own. See how many hits _you_ get.
  • Take a drink if he links to a site you already frequent.
  • Chug if it’s your site. Huzzah!
  • Take a drink if you’ve actually said ‘Huzzah!’ in-game.
  • Take a drink when he mentions space or NASA.
  • Take a consolation drink if you wish you worked in aerospace.
  • Cry in your drink if you hate your job.
  • Take a drink if he actually gives some advice. Come back when you’re sober and read it.
  • Chug your drink if it’s actually not hunter related for some reason.
  • Take a drink if you agree with him.
  • Drink until your drunk if you don’t agree and _then_ post in the comments so we can at least find some entertainment value in what you have to say.

I may have to do one for Mania when I get back from lunch.



  1. Pike said,

    Oooh oooh, let’s do one for me.

    -Take a drink if she talks about how much she loves hunters.
    -Take a drink if she rolls another hunter alt.
    -Take a drink if she talks about how many hunters she has.
    -Take a drink if she uses the phrase “I love hunters” or some variant.
    -Drink so much that you force the nation into a new prohibition if she ever says “I have a new favorite class”.

  2. TJ said,

    HA. Funny stuff.

  3. Znodis said,

    Heh. Forgot to link to TJ, so that’s been fixed. If you missed the main page, here’s the one for Pike:

  4. kat said,

    That is great stuff!

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