Pet Review – Owl mostly done

March 17, 2008 at 10:47 am (Guide, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, )

It took less than 5 kills to get from rebellious to unruly on Friday. I have a level 30 hunter with an owl as his main pet, so I didn’t think I’d learn much from this one but I was wrong. On the level 30, I basically used claw unless I knew there would be 2 pulled and I’d swap to screech. It worked fine, but even when I knew I would pull more than one mob, I often forgot to swap focus dumps. Meh. I even considered just dropping screech.

For the level 70, I only had enough points for one of the 2, so screech it is. Wow. I don’t think I pulled agro from Axiom once. Just as I’d get a crit that would put me close, 2+ screeches come in. Adds were still an issue since they hadn’t received the initial dose of screeches.

I’d like to do a few more BGs and an instance run before I abandon it.

Now I’m at an interesting point. There are 3 more families still at +7% DPS, but the only spiders and bats are elite in Kara, but I’m not even attuned and have no idea how hard that would be to solo should I get a key or 2.4 comes. I could go back and level some easier to get mobs in the same family. Theres a 68 spider, but the next highest bat is 60 in ZG and that would be quite a grind. The 3rd pet is the 69 windserpent so there’s no avoiding a grind there.

My thoughts are to try to run SL with my owl and first key fragment, then pick up a windserpent and run the other 3 instances for exp. If I get the WS up before I’m done with those instances, I’ll grab a spider and level it. Leaving just the bat for Kara. Or should I start with the spider? I think I can get some help from some 1337 guild on my server for Kara. I have friends in both <Goon Squad> and <Glory and Beer> which are raiding guilds.

I’m interested to see how a spider plays at 70. It will be my first “bad” pet, and I had one before on my first hunter alt which went from 30-45 pre 1.7 with one.



  1. Pike said,

    I’d definitely love to hear how you have your owl spec’d… as most people know an owl is my main pet and I definitely have issues with him holding aggro even though he’s got max-rank Screech and max-rank Claw. I pull aggro from him all the time.

    I love owls; definitely my favorite pet for PvP by far. And possibly my favorite pet in the entire game :P

  2. Znodis said,

    It’s only at unruly so training points are spent as follows (and generally this is true for all reviewed pets):

    70 points
    – 15 Cobra Reflexes
    – 25 Dive 3
    – 29 Screech 5
    – 0 Growl 8

    It’s possible that I’m throttling back unconsciously, when threat starts to get high. I currently have family in town and am having problems with a new hard-drive I installed on my home network server so I haven’t been in game since Saturday. (Side note: Why can’t things just work in stead of messing with a hundred PC settings?) I’ll report back tomorrow, and modify the guide as necessary.

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