Pet Review Thoughts

March 14, 2008 at 12:14 pm (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I tamed my owl last night.  Actually, I had one of the longest play sessions in quite a while last night.  I was able to learn screech 5, tame a heroic Avian Darkhawk, do the 2 skyguard quests, get a kaliri wing for my cooking quest, do both the nethermine and orc poisoning dailies along with some others for the netherwing, do the hellfire PvP daily, kill 2 extra hordies, finally get my mark of conquest, and finally, respecced out of FI which I got to test gore procs, and retrained all ranks of Aimed Shot (don’t you hate when you forget…).  That’s a crazy amount of WoW for me.  Hopefully, I can get loyalty 2 with my owl this weekend.

All that was in addition to my normal duties as a dad of playing with my daughter and putting her to sleep as well as my duties of a husband comforting my wife who ran the code when a patient that came in for a infected toe, died of some kind of heart failure 30 min before he was supposed to be discharged.  Now you know why I don’t talk about RL very much.


I was looking over Mania’s RFC – arenas (note to mania: did you know that there’s no link to petopia from your blog anymore?).  The discussion about scorpids being used mainly as a hindrance to purging viper sting made me wonder about serpents.  They poison as well and from range.  Why aren’t they viable?  A quick check of that Petopia link and it’s clear: it has a 10s cooldown on a 8s DoT so it obviously doesn’t stack.

Well that’s good to know.  In fact, I feel like I should have known that off the top of my head.  It also highlights why I’m doing this project, and why I’m a bit annoyed at it at the moment.  The problem is the reviews I think people really want are comparisons of the really popular pets.  That’s perfectly reasonable.  I personally wondered why there weren’t more raptors when ravagers and cats had almost the same skill set and stats.  Turns out that gore really out-classes claw IMO, and prowl is a really great unique skill.  They are both better pets than raptors, and now I know why and can tell you. You don’t need me to review a turtle to tell you that it won’t beat a ravager in DPS.

On the other hand, the reviews I really want to do are the ones for ‘bad’ pets.  I like to fix things, and trying out these pets gives me a chance to see what needs to be fixed.  However, how to fix a pet doesn’t belong in a review of that pet either.  “Why is Poison Spit a bad skill?” is a different question than “How could you make Poison Spit a good skill?”  (Note to self: Be sure to write Guide 3 – Pet family skills since you put in all that work.)

Well, I still look forward to playing the ‘bad’ pets and telling you all about them.  For once, I wish there wasn’t so many ‘good’ pets.  I hope I can get this project done before WotLK comes out.  If I keep the pace of 1/week, thats 20+ weeks, or 5 months…

I realized that I also need to clarify the ranking of the list a bit more, too.  It currently reads like they’re in order of my preference, but that isn’t true.  I won’t be trading my raptor for a ravager anytime soon even-though I ranked them higher.  What it really is, is the order I would recommend them to someone that asked me.  It answers the question “should I take X or Y?” There’s also the question “should I take a Z?”  What you’re really saying is “I want to take a Z, but someone is telling me to take something else.”  The answer there is always that you’re the one playing the game, play it how you want.


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