Review Update – Ravager Complete, /inc owl

March 13, 2008 at 12:28 pm (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , , )

I have put up the review for Ravagers in the Pet Family Review. I’ve actually not played him very much and plan to do a bit more, but I can’t see that changing my review much. The bottom line is that he’s better pure DPS than either my cat or ravager, gore procs both FI and Frenzy, and I’ve actually seen people run in fear from Ugg. The downside is he’s horribly ugly and I wouldn’t personally use one unless I was forced to.

In other news, I’ve become a ganker.

I was pleasantly farming for Fel Glands in SMV. Since Ugg hadn’t gotten to loyalty level, I was focusing on dailies that required killing things for exp/loyalty. As I go I come across a 67 warlock. I must have startled him because as I run by to get the next FelBoar, he bolts instead of looting the one he just killed. I /wave anyway and go on my merry way.

A minute later, he reappears. I’m in the middle of fight with a boar and suddenly, I have DoTs on me. 2 sets in fact. The ‘lock has gone and found himself a buddy to help him out with that big mean 70 that left him alone. There’s so much combat text scrolling on my screen, I can ‘t even target him. Then I’m feared. Imps and shadow bolts are hitting me, and my pet hasn’t even reached the first warlock (remember he’s loyalty 1 and doesn’t know dash yet). By the time he reaches him, I’m dead.

Bad hordie. Can’t you see the 8 pieces of S1 gear? Did you notice that I didn’t even think you worth my time before? And now you’ve made me notice you.

So I run back to my corpse. Turns out he’s a complete idiot. His friend has run off, and he’s now casually killing boars as if he doesn’t know that he’s on a PvP server and just P/O’ed a 70 in PvP gear. I res behind him. I don’t even bother to heal, just send the pet and queue an Aimed Shot. He’s at 50% before he knows what’s happening, and he gets off only a single DoT before dying. I have 7 more glands to farm, but I’m not going to complete the quest tonight anyway. I’m tired and ready to log for the night.

Not really ganking right? Not yet.

So the next day, I come on ready to finish gathering and hopefully get loyalty 2. I head to the boars. Suddenly, a DoT appears. Huh? It’s that same warlock looking for ‘vengence’ Unfortunately for him, he didn’t bother to find a friend this time. He’s behind me, so I drop a freeze trap, put my pet on follow to get the boar to hit it, and hit BW. By the time the boar hit’s the trap I have already worn down 40% of his HP. Ugg is more than happy to return this undead to the dirt. I swore I’d never use it, but he deserves it. /spit.

And now I’m really PO’ed. Two unprovoked attacks against a level 70, means this guy is messing with anyone he can find in the zone, and not all of them are able to put up a fight. So I stay in the area farming glands with track humanoids on. There’s a lot of boars around and it took me more than 10 min before I needed to move away from his corpse. As soon as I do, up pops a little red dot which quickly moves the exact opposite direction from me. He’s returned.

I hop on my flying mount and fly right above him. He must have forgotten to look up, because he stops and starts eating. Hahahaha! From way up, I dismount and start shooting. I loose half my health when I hit the ground, but he’s in way worse shape. He’s dead before Ugg can get to him.

I check my inventory and I only need 1 more gland, but I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d learned to look up. So I mounted up, and flew up in the air maybe 30 yards above his corpse.  Well within visual range.  A minute later, he spawns right under me. He didn’t look up.  Dead ‘lock for the 3rd time.

Now I’m feeling a bit sorry for the guy, so I went and got my last gland and finished off the daily. On a whim, I decided to see if he’s still around, and kill him again. I did a loop around and there’s is corpse right where I left it.

May it rest there forever.

I hope he’s learned his lesson: If you PO the carebear,  he’ll turn into a Kodiak.

The next pet I’m going to review will be the Owl.



  1. Faeldray said,


    Nicely done. He brought it on himself by attacking you first when you had passed him over AND when you were fighting a mob. That’s just evil. In this case, two wrongs do make a right :P

  2. Gretadelle said,

    I’ve never played on a PvP server. It seems like leveling would be SO much harder. You’d never get anything done with all the extra fighting…

  3. Znodis said,

    Guess that’s a topic for another day: Why did a carebear like me roll on a PvP server?

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