Taming of Ugg

March 4, 2008 at 11:54 am (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, )

I went to the Nethermine last night to check how crowded it was and see if there were any ravagers free.  I could use the extra gold from a couple dailies too.  It was full of horde, and not just the normal “you do your dailies and I’ll do mine” horde, but the “I’ll stand next to you and /wave like I’m friendly, wait until you start a fight, and then gank you” horde.  At least 8 or so.  So PuddyTat and I rez’ed, melded/prowled (I’m going to miss that ability) in a corner, waited for a horde to start fighting a ravager, and ganked him.  PuddyTat promptly died from the horde meat he just ate, and I tamed the ravager.  Hello Ugg.

Dailies can wait another day.  I hearthed back to Shat. I decided to go first-person and inspect my new pet, since I’d never really looked at one up close before.  Even worse up close.  Tiny, squinty eyes made me feel like I should go get him some glasses so he could see.  The spine twitching was pretty cool.  He swung his head back and forth like most pets, no special animation.  I think I’d best describe it as a spiney, toothy maggot that someone superglued upright on a 4 legged plat form.

In fact the more I watched, the more it really looked like 2 separate models smooshed on top of each other.  Yep.  Head doing it’s thing, and legs skittering in a … wait did I just say skittering.  Hrm… 4 spiney, skittering legs… ZOMG the bottom half is totally the same model as a crab.  Same animation.  Same positioning.   Instead of helping out my favorite neglected pet family, Bliz pasted a maggot on their head and made the new ub3r one.  I didn’t think I could hate the model any more, and yet… there it is.

Welp.  Time to see how he actually plays.


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  1. slayerboy said,

    Despite their looks, Ravagers are the best pet for DPS. I use a ravager for instances/raids, cat for solo grinding, and boar for PVP. I _might_ change from ravager to wolf for the buff they provide for party members if I change to MM/SV spec, which I want to do.

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