Review Update – Cat Complete, Onto Ravager

March 3, 2008 at 12:55 pm (Game Design, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , )

I finished my review of cats and you can see the results here.  PuddyTat did grow on me, but I don’t think he’ll be missed much.  There was always somebody else around with the exact same cat.  I think if I had started with one of the really nice unique models (I still like the black lion) I may have gotten more attached.

The thing that stands out is that I was expecting Puddy to play the same as Flight, but Prowl is such a great, and unfortunately unique, tool, I couldn’t help but put cats ahead of raptors.  It really gives the family it’s own personality.  The little extra HP was very nice as well.

I also nailed down my gear and spec which you can check out. CTprofiles came back just in time.  Hope it stays up.

Now it’s on to the other pet everyone else has: Ravager.  To quote zefrank “you so ugly, ugly sticks get ugly when they hit by you.” His name shall be ‘Ugg – the ugly stick hitter.’  I hope I remember to get the skills ahead of time…  I also might have to do an early morning run for taming since the nethermine tends to have at least 5-10 people doing dailies in it during evening hours.


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  1. Andad said,

    Ive been a “silent reader” for the last few months and i have to say your doing a EXCELLENT job with this blog.

    Got myself a level 70 BE Hunter wich i started almost 7 months ago on the server Bloodscalp and wielding a cat besides me from the beginning.

    I never really saw my cat (named John) as personal, and going to the battlegrounds didnt really help me. Few times fighting Van or Belinda, i couldnt recognize my own pet!

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