Review Update 1

February 21, 2008 at 10:56 am (Game Design, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

Well, I’ve begun the process. Instead of a boar, I went and tamed a blackwind sabercat. A 2 family review does no one any good, so I’m going to do all the level 70 pets I can first and then work back to the ones that can only be found at lower levels. That will fill-in a great deal of the chart early, and catch up on the stragglers. I think I’m also going to do all high DPS pets first, and work my way down to better pickup on nuances between families.

I have added a link to my base spec for comparing families, but what I realized just before logging out is that I need to set my gear too. I don’t plan on getting many upgrades on my hunter from this point on, but I do want to put an ench on my S3 axe, upgrade my bracers to PvP epics, and possibly resocket some things. I also am working on getting points for the S3 bow once S4 comes out. So I’ll be setting all that up soon, and updating the current pet stats as I do.

I also will untalent my pets except for Cobra Reflexes, and family abilities, so that I don’t have to earn so much loyalty with every pet. Actually, I’ll have to see how long loyalty takes… I’m going SS each one, and having (1) Rebellious on several would be annoying.

In the mean time, it gives me a chance to gain some loyalty with my cat. It interests me that I have no attachment to the cat at all. When my raptor is out, I’m ready to kill, my crab means fun, but the cat is just there. Maybe that will change when he gets some loyalty and a name. As expected, he plays about the same as my raptor but without claw or bite (since I have no loyalty yet). I’m really looking forward to checking out prowl for some shadowmeld PvP fun.


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