February 19, 2008 at 2:50 pm (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) ()

Last night, I was feeling particularly ‘huntery.’ I had just ground 2 levels on my warrior (over several days) working towards getting my sporebat non-combat pet, and ran out of blue exp. On my AH char I spotted, a Blue Dragon Sinue for 50g, most likely due to the combination of no one knowing what it is and everyone that did know, already has one. I however, did not.

So I went to Felwood and awakened the ancients long enough to get my epic quiver. Now just to get rid of my gun… Anyway, I still had sporebats on my mind so I decided to tame one, which is much easier than grinding sporeggar rep. So off I went to find Sporewing. The pic on petopia doesn’t do it justice, and the one on wowhead barely so. The glow effect is amazing. It looks like a sandtrout wrapping itself around a little red sun. If I had an extra stable slot, I’d keep it forever.

I then went back to Shat to check out the stats on my pets to answer a commenter’s question (in my previous entry), and was suprised to discover how much more DPS my raptor does while only losing a slight amount of HP and armor compared to my crab.

I wondered how my sporebat would compare at 70. They’re the joke of the pet families, no bonus or loss to any stat and no abilities other than the ones from a pet trainer. Not even bite. And yet, are they really that bad? It seems +7% DPS vs. -5% is HUGE, while +13% armor vs +3% armor is almost nothing. If I hadn’t seen actual numbers I would have thought them fairly balanced.

I came in today to find another comment. It was a fairly common one, “here’s a list of pets, which should I choose?” He didn’t really say what he was looking for. Stats? Rarity? Utility? I realized I really don’t know enough about other pet families to get specific of I’d choose X over Y.
And so… I am now embarking on a plan to try out one of every pet family at 70. Each entry will compare their stats with the same BM build, family abilities, Cobra Reflexes, Natural Armor 10, and rank 2 of all resistances. Once 70 is reached, I will run at least one instance, a weekend of BG, a week of Arenas, and a week of daily quests. I’ll rate each area, and place it in the order I would recommend the family. I know Mania is doing a similar thing, but really 0-70 with each pet is way too much of a time investment for me (Best of luck tho).

I filled in the raptor and crab sections, so you can get a feel for what I plan to do. If there’s any other information I should gather let me know. Right now I think I’ll do boars next since so many people recommend them, but I might start on the easy to obtain 70s just to get things filled in.


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  1. Maebius said,

    now I am getting sad. The more I read, the more my poor crabby-pet is kicked under the table, shoved into corners, and generally mocked for not being “Teh Uberness”.
    one day, I may even tame a raptor or something…..he’ll be so angry at me, but with some new boots, my ankles shouldn’t get too much claw-scarring.


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