Pet Balance

February 19, 2008 at 9:26 am (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I had a comment a few days ago asking how my raptor and crab compared at level 70.  Took me a bit to remember to compare my pets in game. Keep in mind I’m BM so your talent spec may vary. Both have Cobra Reflexes, and Natural armor 10.

DPS 160.3
HP 5821
Armor 12367, 53.95% damage reduction

DPS 138.4
HP 5882
armor 13167, 55.50% damage reduction

Give up 1.5% damage reduction and 60 HP and gain 22DPS? Yes please.

The more I think about it, the more normalizing pets looks like a good idea.

If you have 2 level 70 pets how do they compare?  Which one would you use all other things being equal?



  1. Kinless said,

    Just dinged 70 on my Hunter. After over three years playing. Yay! :)

    Anyway, I remember your normalizing pets article. And I didn’t like the idea. A pet isn’t just a box of stats and abilities and damage output/mitagation skinned to look like whatever you want it to look like: dog, wolf, raptor, sporebat, picnic basket, treasure chest, winkydink, or murloc. If that happened every pet would truly be identical, because this game is about min-maxing. There will be a right spec, and a wrong spec. Everyone will pick the right spec.

    I think that there isn’t *enough* inate natural difference in the pets. Look at your example. The Raptor and the Crab have nearly identical armor? WHY? The Raptor should be in the equivalent of leather (think Rogue) and the Crab in the equivalent of plate (think Protection Warrior). Hide versus Chitin. Should a Sporebat have the equivalent of Plate, and should a crab be so neglectable as to be allowed to have the equivalent of Cloth? Let’s ramp up the realism more. Not reduce it.

    Not everything is like in nature, granted. They all have a taunt ability called growl. It wouldn’t work for hunters if they did not. It’s a free ability. So, how about a Super Growl you have to spend points on? Think if you could have a crab, equipped by nature with Plate armor, and then trained with Super Growl.

    And for your tank-type pets, give them a increased threat attack like Sunder Armor, or aura like Righteous Fury. Or some extra taunt like Mocking Blow. You can only have four abilities. All of a sudden you’re going to have to make sacrifices like a Protection Warrior does versus a Fury Warrior. You want them great at holding aggro (Super Growl & Aggro Strike)? Then give them the Extra Taunt. Load them up with Stamina and even more Armor and you’re out of points. It’d be best if they already came equipped by nature with the higher armor of a turtle or a crab. Now that would be the pet for the Marksman Hunter. High DPS from the Hunter, yet the pet will hold the aggro.

    Nature and Nurture. Let the natural differences in the pet families be greater than we have them now, not less. Let a Crab and Turtle have significantly more armor than a Raptor or Sporebat. Let the Raptor and Cats have significantly more DPS than the Crab and Turtle. Throw in some ranged Pets for other circumstances (raiding) like the Sporebat and Dragonhawk and Serpents.

    And then provide a greater selection of pet abilities you can train them with, preferably with abilities that further accentuate the differences you’ve already got and get you an even more specialized pet. (In other words, you’d pick a Warrior over a Mage when you wanted a tank. And you’d pick a Rogue over a Paladin if you wanted DPS.) This is where your idea would really shine.

    I think there could be a need for more difference among the pets. A one-size-fits-all world sounds really boring.

    Lets give Marksmen their Tanks, and Beastermasters their Beasts. And while we’re revamping, give Survivalists a pet that’ll enhance them back, with buffs and/or heals/regen.

    Oh, yeah, lets give Leatherworkers the ability to provide armor kits, that become visible, for their pets. (Look at the epic riding wolf model and imagine some of that gear on your pet wolf. Or bear.)

    I think they’ve only scratched the surface on what they could do with our pets.

  2. Choice vs Diversity « The Mystic Hunter said,

    […] 20, 2008 at 11:37 am (Game Design, Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) Kinless left a great comment on my Raptor vs. Crab post critiquing my idea of normalizing pets. Go read […]

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