Good day

February 14, 2008 at 11:20 am (Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I had a pretty good 24hrs in WoW: three ‘upgrades’ for three characters.

First of all, I got my [Vengeful Gladiator’s Waraxe] thanks to a little help from some friend’s alts. They had already done their arenas with their mains and since my normal partner has disappeared from the game once again, hopped on their alts and helped me out. Due to disconnects and queues it took 2hrs. Much thanks for taking time out to finish that off. I really hate the look of S2 and S3 gear so I don’t plan to upgrade my armor there much, but I do want to drop my gun ASAP (hate the noise), so I’m planning to get arena points saving for the bow. I don’t really care if it’s an upgrade or not from my Don Santos, it’s just bugging the heck out of me.

My second accomplishment was getting Peddlefeet for my Warrior. So far in 2.4 they’ve found 3 new pets, a phoenix from Kael and 2 crocolisk from fishing daily quest rewards. Neither seems all that great to me. The croc just gives me more motivation to get fishing up which I already needed to do for Mr. Pinchy. The Phoenix drops in both normal and heroic, so now I need to hit 70. I really hope I find a way to enjoy my warrior. So far, 2H weapons is not doing it for me. I have a couple Blade of Unquenched Thirst in the bank waiting for 64 so maybe back to dual wielding fury. I’m currently planning to grind in Zang for Sporegar rep.

Lastly, my Shaman hit both level 40 and exalted with Stormwind, so he’s the proud owner of a nice black horse. My only regret now is that I’m back to leveling, and Kel’thuzad is a ganker’s paradise. I think if they open free transfers again, I’m off. Regardless of whether my brother and friend join me. At least on a low pop realm, there’s fewer people around to gank. I’d go all the way to a PvE, but to do that I’d have to drop the money to transfer the 3 characters I’d like to keep.



  1. Heus said,

    Hmmm. After patch 2.3 I did a Shammy on KT, which just hit 70 the other day. I must say, I didn’t really have Ganking issues until I went out into Honor Hold (at 55 because I’m crazy). Tanaris -> Blasted Lands -> Ungoro -> Silithus -> Hellfire. I think I did a little of Hinterlands (if you’re Enhance, get one of your friends to help you on the chain to get this: You and a 70 can pick it up at 42 or so. If you don’t wanna twink like that, still try and get it at level, it’s quite nice (used it until 58 when I switched to an old-world 58 blue that had dropped on my main when I was just thinking about doing a shammy someday).

  2. Znodis said,

    I don’t mind twinking out at all. In fact, I’ve got epic BoE 2Hs waiting in the bank. I know dual wielding is supposed to be superior, but right now I’m enjoying 2H for the first time on any character. Maybe hitting the BC areas will change my mind.

    The lack of ganking may have to do with when you play, and what you consider ‘bad’ ganking. My first char, I’d get ganked 1-2x in a week probably 20-30 hours played. On Kel, it’s at least once every 2-3 hour play session, and there have been several times when it’s been more than hourly without being camped. Of course I’ve been camped several times too. Last night, after getting my mount, I did 3 quests in different parts of Alterac Mountains. I was ganked by a different horde on each one. I do mostly play during prime-time after dinner hours so that might be part of it too.

    I also have a tendency not to wait for hp/mana after each fight, so that makes me an easy target.

    In all honesty, I should have ignored my friends and just played on a PvE server to begin with. I knew I wouldn’t be happy on a PvP, since I don’t enjoy ganking anymore than I enjoy being ganked.

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