World PvP Z-style

February 4, 2008 at 4:28 pm (Game Design, PvP, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

As I’ve been doing a lot of PvP, I’ve been thinking about what it would take to make world PvP viable.

Bliz has made some valiant attempts. The objectives in EPL and Silithus weren’t very worthwhile to seek out. Buffs are nice, but you can live without them. If you happen to see an opposing player attempting one of the goals you might stop your grind long enough to kill him, but any large group could accomplish most of them unmolested. Five on one isn’t fun and there wasn’t a peanalty for letting them accomplish their goal. Add in that the reward was an intangible, temporary buff, and who wants to do it? Hellfire, Zang, Terrok just continued these traditions.

The one world objective that worked at least a little was Haala. Here a single player could at least have some affect against an opposing group, even if he wouldn’t win. If he could take down at least a single opponent, he’s rewarded. Moreover with real, tangible rewards no some ethereal buff.

There was one last problem with all of these, which is that if there was no opposition there was no reward. At least not in the PvP sense. Honestly, if I single handedly took out all the Halaa guards and capped the town, I deserve something.

A final concern is that world PvP is a fundamentally different concept than BG or Arena PvP. BG and Arena’s are fair. They have to be. Set numbers on each team, equal objectives/terrain, even gear/rank matching, and balance entire classes based on it. World PvP is unfair, so how do you make it ‘fun?’

1) Need bait or people will avoid it. Players, especially PvP, want to know they will win. They will grind for days on end to level faster than anyone else just so that they can get ahead and kill that opponent. This means that the World BG needs to attract lowbies. Which brings me to

2) Reward for being bait. If you kill me, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. I don’t mind dying if I know it will accomplish something. I especially don’t mind if that something is killing the guy that got me. But dying over and over isn’t fun either so

3) Reward helping lower level characters. So some level 80 killed a 71, now what? The 71 can’t really do anything until the 80 goes away. Sure there might be a level 80 in the zone that can help, but why would he when he can just go around ganking his own 71s. The value for killing a same level opponent must be much greater than killing several lowbies.

And last, give guaranteed advancement/reward whether bait, ganker, or savior.

So here’s a scenario.

Everyone can run a delivery quest from point A to point B, which if completed gives 1 reward token/badge/whatever which are used to buy gear rewards, or possibly endgame elixirs. Upon accepting the quest I gain an item to deliver and a nice clearly visible aura, IE a bullseye on my back. Both persists through death so in worst case scenario, I can corpse crawl to my goal.

At the same time, the other faction is also running a counterpart quest from C to B, where A and C are much closer to each other than they are to B. For you non-math types, that would mean something like Horde base in NE, Alliance in SE, and the Goal in the far west like this: < The closer you get to the goal the more likely you are to run into someone else.

The next component is this: Killing someone with the aura also grants 1 token. Hey if you’re 80, it’s much easier to sit on the running path and gank to gain tokens and if you really wanted to you can also do the delivery. However, killing the lowbie does 2 things. It applies a ‘predator’ aura to the killer and rezes the prey as a wisp at the graveyard.

The predator aura means that if he is killed, the opponent is granted 3 tokens, the aura would fade upon death.

Meanwhile the wisp cannot be killed and exists in the ‘real world,’ not the black and white dead world. As a wisp they can choose to resurrect themselves as normal and continue on as normal OR they can use their wisp ability. Destroy themselves to halve HP and Mana of all opponents in a 20yrd radius. A single blast would cripple the opponent against another 80, and 2 would make him fair game against a single 71. A destroyed wisp would remain in place until released, but any opponent that is killed within 40yards grants tokens to destroyed wisps. When released they again res at the GY as a wisp to detonate or res and continue.

Rewards would probably have to be 100 tokens + honor at a minimum.

So Mr. 71 Noob is trucking to from A to B, and suddenly Mr. 80 Ganker appears and kills him gaining 1 token, a little honor, and predator aura. Noob shouts I just died at X,Y someone want him? Mr. Savior heads over there. Before the fight starts, Noob detonates. Savior has an easy kill and 3 tokens plus honor points for killing an 80 solo, but gains the predator aura. Noob gets a token for the death as well, and is able to continue his run after starting from the GY and getting his corpse. Ganker got an easy kill and now he is a wisp, looking to take out Savior in a fair fight for 3 tokens himself or continue to prey upon newbs.

Everyone gains something, everyone has fun, zone crashes because there are too many people in it.

Throw in some AWESOME REWARDS? Heck yeah!


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  1. wowkid said,

    i lyk ur BG ideas a lot. post it on blizzard forums

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