February 1, 2008 at 1:33 pm (Game Design, PvP, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Here I thought the developers had a clue about what was wrong with WSG.  Though I can’t find it at the moment, I remember a blue posting something along the lines of “we are aware of the time issues in WSG and are trying different ideas on our internal servers, but they are not ready for prime time.”  The thread seems to have disappeared into the nether (links were at wowinsider.com)

And then they drop this.  “No more diminishing returns on Honor.”

I’m not complaining about the extra honor.  It will definitely increase world PvP and the 3 other BGs will probably be a bit more intense.  However, I can’t see ever doing WSG again.  There have just been too many matches where some epiced out premade goes against my undergeared pug.  They just grab our flag and stand in the center of the field until they’re sure all honor has been used, and then cap the flag 3x in 3 minutes.  I usually just cancel my spirit rez, walk out of range, and hit my space bar until it’s over and I get my mark (that’s the only reason I’d be there).

Now there’s no reason to stop.  They can just stand center field and kill for honor after honor.  They’ll never have to face a premade because even if the opposition /afks out in frustration, it’s one at a time out, one at a time in.  I have a feeling this will be so common as to be the default – if you pug, you’ll be farmed by a premade.
Unless they radically change WSG, they have completely broken it.


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  1. Pike said,

    The whole premade thing has really made battlegrounds un-fun for me.

    Gotta admit though, I really like the whole “no more estimated honor” thing…

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