PvP Progression

January 23, 2008 at 11:18 am (Game Design, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Having gotten my 7th piece of S1 armor I have gone from this clown

Z Clown

to this:


In other news, I now look like every other PvP hunter.

The more interesting thing is how my stats have changed. I learned early on that any piece would give me about 500 hp, more int, and some resilience. There was no +hit on anything so that would go down, but lots of crit so that would go up and balance it out. The biggest thing I noticed was the Agi/AP distribution. Every piece seemed to either swap AP for Agi or Agi for AP making it unclear if it was a white damage upgrade. Turns out these are the results. These are all taken by me re-equipping old gear so the spec and buffs (TSA/AotH) are the same.





That’s right, my actual DPS went down. And this is with superior enchants, including Cobrahide Armor (40AP/10CR) which I didn’t have before, and upgrading my green gems to blue quality. The Vindicators bracers, belt, and boots were the only actual DPS upgrades (I still don’t have the bracers) or it would have been even worse.

Now I cant complain too much. I gained 7% crit, almost 200 Resilience, ~50 int, 1500 armor and ~3k HP, which more than makes up for the 6 AP loss. It just seems weird that upgrading from greens and blues to epic lowered one of my primary stats even while gaining ~100 AP from enchant improvements. I guess it shows how far you can go by just questing (no dungeon runs for me).

Now you may wonder why I haven’t mentioned the huge loss of Hit. Well, since everyone is level 70 in PvP, you only need 5% hit to max out. I also picked up surefooted, so that further reduces it to 2%, leaving me needing ~32 HR. If I were raiding that would be a huge deal, but not so much for the way I play.

The other play-style change is that the increased crit is really noticeable. Big numbers pop all the time. This has made soloing a real challenge. I absolutely have to wait for 2 growls before I start auto shot, and a third before starting steady. Luckily at that point, any series of crits that draws agro, also kills the mob.

I’m now considering going back to BM, which is really the spec I prefer. I would have done it last night but I’m having a hard time deciding between Mortal Shots and keeping Surefooted.


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  1. Pike said,

    Hehe, my own gear right now is this mix of PvP welfare epics and various things picked up from five-mans/heroics. Honestly it works out well in both PvE and PvP, I’m a little short on stamina making the PvP difficult but I can hold my own to a decent degree.

    It’s always nice when your gear matches though. I’m always wearing both the Private’s Tabard and a blue shirt, somehow this manages to make a variety of random gear decisions work “style-wise”, so I rather like that.

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