On Welfare

December 28, 2007 at 9:00 am (World of Warcraft)

I haven’t posted much because, I’ve been very unfocused with my WoW time lately. I worked on the new Duskwallow Marsh content quite a bit until level 70 horde started camping. I’ve been killed within 5 min each of the last 4 times I logged on my Shaman. The lowbies are on hold at the moment because I was leveling with a friend and his computer went fubar for the holidays. So that left me back no knowing what to do with my main.

And then I remembered PvP now gets season 1 rewards. In about 3 weeks I’ve managed to replace both my leggings and helm. With the added bonus that I already look less like a clown. After the first week, I respeced from BM to an unconventional MM/SV build which gives lots of nice AP bonus without the pet micro management. I pretty much just put my raptor on aggressive and let him do his thing.

I’ve also been thinking of starting an arena team just to get some points there. All I really want is the new hunter axe, and enough points to get the bow once season 3 ends and the 1800 requirement goes away. I tried the 2v2 with my previously mentioned friend before the crash and it was miserable. 10 min between each match means almost 2 hours for the required matches. I’m thinking of making my own 3v3 team or 5man and just taking whoever wants some free arena points just to cut down on the waiting time.

The downside is that it’s quite a grind to get a full set. Netherwing only took me a month or so, but it looks like it will probably take until season 3 ends to get all my season 1 gear. At that point it won’t matter anyway. I hate the way the S2 stuff looks enough not to even try for it. Can’t wait for the bow tho.


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