Class Feeback Requested

December 7, 2007 at 10:28 am (Game Design, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Please add your own or quit complaining.

My response:

– Beastmaster/MM

– Solo/Questing


1) Pet family diversity. Tanking pets cant hold agro and do less damage while in a group, why take anything other than a DPS pet? Lack of family abilities. All families should have a movement ability (dive dash charge) and a focus dump (claw gore LB). I don’t mind there being a ‘best’ pet as long as there’s a best pet for many different situations: best raiding pet, best solo pet, best PvP pet, best off-tank pet, most generally useful pet, etc. Right now there’s no reason to take anything other than a ravager/cat/raptor or a boar. That leaves 19 families sub par.

2) Itemization. Difficult to have personal preferences in stats. Some want to stack AGI (Survivalists), some Crit (PvPers), some AP. Gems help but when the item already has 80 AP but only 2 gems slots it’s already stacked the wrong way for someone that wants AGI. There is a lack of slotted items while leveling. There should at least be 2 sets for hunters focusing either on AP or AGI. (I realize a SV could take rogue gear for additional AGI, but the drop in armor is counter to the talent focus.)

3) Stable slots / pet taming. We’ve been begging since Beta. I’d love to have 5 pet slots instead of 3 and I really wish that there was some other way to learn new abilities without having to have an empty stable slot. We were actually told this was already incoming prior to BC release.


1) Steady shot – Makes weapon speed a greater factor than listed DPS. Some solutions would be to only make ranged weapons at specific speeds (2.5, 2.8, 3.2) and then have different versions of steady shot which would fit the weapon speed. In other words, design weapons around specific shot rotations for specific specs (a BM 1:1, a MM 1:1.5, a MM 1:1). Don’t forget to account for lag when doing so.

2 & 3) Pet abilities – Some scale(scorpid poison/lightning breath), some don’t (claw). Some have ridiculous cooldowns (thunderstomp, shell shield). Some families get 6 (have many cat lovers working at bliz?), some don’t even have one. Caster stats make some useless (nether rays), and improved armor and heath become wasted stats because the pet can’t create enough threat to hold agro. General +threat / attack and -threat / attack abilities would be nice

4) Aimed shot – Takes as long as 2.5 Auto Shots (3s cast + 2 sec weapon speed for me) and does less damage. The 50% healing is mostly useful to PvP. As an opener in PvE, it’s useless as we want our pet to gain initial agro and using it would be counter productive. Would be nice if threat would go directly to the pet. I also don’t like that such an undesirable talent is required for Mortal Shots

5) Silencing shot – Does this have an interrupt yet?

I also have some talent suggestions for you.

Explaination here:


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