I am a … Conduit

November 21, 2007 at 9:35 am (Shaman, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I think I’d rather be a mohawk, but since that’s not in the game…

Overall I am now enjoying my Shaman. The small improvements have helped quite a bit, as has level 30. Seriously. As a hunter, the first 10 levels are really painful, particularly #9 where you really start to lag behind. Then you get a pet, and everything suddenly clicks. The class just works.

It’s the exact same thing with the shaman, except that it happens at level 30. This is based around 2 things: Windfury and Totemic Recall.

The lesser of the 2 is Totemic Recall. Basically, it makes totems worth dropping. The original cost may be too much, but the refunded mana makes it a bit easier to bear. Plus, there’s the no more random agro from nowhere when a patrol walks by one of your 2 min totems.

Windfury. Holy cow. I never understood why the shaman were so, up in arms about one single ability being nerfed. I mean they have probably 50+ spells in their spell book at 70, why should a change be that big a deal. Lemme tell you hunters, it’d be like nerfing your pet. This is the single reason Shaman can melee. Couple that with cheap leveling epics and a single proc can easily take 30-50% of the mob’s health, and it procs almost every fight.

I’m much happier.

[Note to self: Develop a mohawk class]


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