The pets of my life

November 16, 2007 at 9:12 am (Hunter, Pets, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Mania asked to explain about what pets we have. This is my story:

In beta, I had planned to tame a spider, but I didn’t like the look of the green ones in Teldrassil. Since I didn’t know about petopia (did it exist?) and beta was temporary, I went with an owl. However, every NE I saw had a nightsaber or owl. When I reached darkshore for the first time, I saw the cool crabs and knew it was the pet for me.

So I tamed a pygmy tide crawler, named him Frothy (ever see a crab blow bubbles?), and that was it until level 60. At that point I was looking for something interesting to do, and 1.7 was promising new pet skills which I foolishly thought included crabs. I decided to become “the crab hunter.” So I grabbed a red crab, Toast, and an unnamed ivory crab.

Toast got to 47 before I realized I needed something better for DPS situations post-1.7, so I dropped the ivory and tamed a black raptor, Flight, from wailing caverns. However, since the only skills I had learned were growl and claw, I needed to drop Toast as well. When BC hit, I knew I wanted to retame Flight as a BEM black raptor at 65, so I leveled with Frothy to that point. From 65 to 70 Flight killed things so much faster than Frothy.

When I hit 70, I went back to level up Frothy. I’ve done tons of questing, hit exalted with Netherwing, and he’s still only 68. /sigh

On alts, my level 30 tauren, has had his owl, Euler, since level 10. My 15 draenai currently has a tallstrider, but is going to switch to one of those cool bloodmyst spiders soon and later either a WC serpent or windserpent.


Frothy – Blue crab tamed Dec 2004 currently 68
Toast – Red crab tamed July 2005 abandoned at level 47
Flight – WC black raptor tamed Sept 2005, retamed as a BEM black raptor in Feb 2007, currently 70



  1. bc3263827 said,

    I just started my first hunter about 4 days ago, my hunter is only lvl 13, my pet is one of the wolves that were wandering around ironforge (Wolfie). Do you have any recommendations as to a better pet or will Wolfie serve me well for a while?

  2. Znodis said,

    Any pet will be fine for getting you to 70. Check out petopia for a list of every pet. If you’re an obsessive min/max type, boars are generally considered the best 1on 1 soloing pet, carrion birds are best AoE soloing, and ravagers the best DPS. Some (hopefully) helpful links:

  3. Mania’s Arcania: It’s all about the (WoW hunter) pets! » Community Round-Up: Better Late Than Never - Part Two said,

    […] to respond to my question about what pets you have on their own blogs. I saw Znodis respond at The Mystic Hunter, as well as Faeldray at Petoholics Anonymous. Arvelen of The Farstrider Scout also posted about his […]

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