New Scam

November 1, 2007 at 9:33 am (Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Been gone for a bit, but hopefully posting will be a bit more consistent next week. I just had to pop on and tell you about the latest gold seller scam.

I was over at the exodar on my auction house character checking on epic weapons for some of my alts as they level and I saw this message:

WTB [Krol Blade] 300g

Nothing too odd about that. I actually had just seen one on the AH for 200bid/250BO. I thought he must have just logged on and had a macro he hit whenever he logged on hoping to get his epic but hadn’t checked the AH yet. I was at the inn at the time trick-or-treating, and just figured someone made an easy 50g or he was already on his way to the AH. However, as I was heading back to the AH a few minutes later, he posted the same message again. I did a /who and sure enough he was a 32 hunter in SW. Thinking he was a newbie and not wanting to take advantage (and not thinking about how a newb that can’t find the AH could have 300g at level 32), I started a conversation (including his grammar and spelling):

Znodis: There’s a Blade on the AH for 250g

Scammer: You have blade to buy?

Z: No, there’s one on the AH.

S: I buy blade for 300g.

Z: Just go to the weapon’s tab and search for Krol Blade.

S: I no undresand want Krol Blade.

S: You sell for 300g?

S: I buy 300g.

Z: No. Ask a guard how to get to the AH if you don’t know.

S: /trade WTB [Krol Blade] 300g.

A short while later he started up again with his macro in /trade. So there you go a new step 2.

Step 1: Loot a BoE epic.

Step 2: List it on AH, then get on an alt and offer to buy it for less(oops) more than the BO.

Step 3: Logout when the auction sells and don’t pay the guy. PROFIT!!!



  1. Kestrel said,

    Ahhh…very sneaky. Very nasty. Thanks for the head’s up.

    And of course what we’ll see down the road a bit is a “buyer’s remorse” 1 hour timer so we can cancel our auction bids.

  2. Kestrel said,

    Oh…and shouldn’t your Step 2 say “…more than the BO.”?

  3. Beware: New AH/Trade Channel Scam Afoot | Kestrel’s Aerie said,

    […] over at the Mystic Hunter blog posted info on a new scam that may be showing up on your server any minute […]

  4. Znodis said,

    Thanks Kestrel. Fixt.

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