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October 19, 2007 at 10:25 am (Guide, Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Here’s an old list that you might still find useful. It’s a list of hunter gear ANYONE should be able to get. If you follow this link, you’ll see that I compiled this list six months ago, but most of it still holds true.

I only get to play WoW for about an hour at a time, which isn’t enough to form up a party and run a dungeon. It got me thinking about what gear I actually could get. This is my attempt at making a list of gear that should be obtainable by any hunter through reputation rewards, questing, non-raid dungeons, BoE drops, and BoE crafted items.

If you don’t know what HAEP is, it’s a way to compare the relative value of stats, generally over a long fight. Those preparing to raid or gearing for instance bosses will what to use the first value. The second value is the one I use because I’ve never found mana to be a problem while soloing or even in PvP, so the value of int and mp5 is effectively 0 for me.

Keep in mind the values are just a guideline, not the end all of what’s better. If you’re a survival hunter, you’re going to value Agi higher. If you’re BM, CR doesn’t transfer to your pet’s stats, but AP and Sta do. Basically, anything within ~50 points may be equivalent depending on your particular spec and/or current gear deficiencies.

If I’ve missed something or miscalculated HAEPs let me know below, and I’ll try to add it. Info was obtained from and my own searches at

q() – quest reward
dq() – quest involving an instance
wd – world drop (BoE)
r() – reputation
c() – crafted

HF – Hellfire Peninsula
ZM – Zangramarsh
TF – Terrokar Forest
NG – Nagrand
BE – Blades Edge Mountians
SMV – Shadowmoon Vale
NS – Netherstorm

* – There is another reward from the quest also on the list.

Points are calculated using the generic HAEP values below. The first number is total HAEP, second is pure DPS without MP5 or int. For melee weapons the second number is the HAEP for just stats (leaves out actual weapon DPS). You can find additional factors (and a HAEP addon) at this link.

Agi – 10 points
AP – 6 points
DPS – 84 points
CR – 8 points
HR – 13 points
MP5 – 20 points
Int – 5 points
Socket – 80 points

Last updated:
4/5/07 – Added Crafted and BoE drops
4/3/07 – Added rep rewards and BoE weapons
4/10/07 – Added in HAEP points
4/11/07 – Added green items to slots with few rare/epic options.

(~700) [Fiery Beholder Eye] – wd
(726/576) [Stylin’ Crimson Hat] – c(LW)
(1002/632) [Netherdrake Helm] – c(LW)
(1000/680) [Storm Helm] – c(BS)
(665/540) [Far Seer’s Helm] – r(Kurenai)
(890/660) [Malefactor’s Eyepatch] – BE q(Showdown)
(1030/910) [Stalker’s Helmet of Second Sight] – SMV q(Teron Gorefiend, I am…)
(772/572) [Coif of the Wicked] – NS q(Destroy Naberius!)
(844/614) [Earthwarden’s Coif] – ZM dq(The Warlord’s Hideout)

(273+) [Braided Eternium Chain] – c(JC)
(332) [Necklace of Trophies] – wd
(440) [Pendant of Cunning] – wd
(342) [Choker of Bloodied Feathers] – TF q(The Skettis Offensive)
(519) [Earthen Mark of Razing] – NG q(Gurok the Usurper)
(550) [Natasha’s Choker] – BE q(The Hound-Master)
(501) [Talon Lord’s Collar] – TF dq(Brother Against Brother)

(~450) [Felstone Epaulets] – wd
(329/274) [Lo’ap’s Muck Diving Pads] – NG q(Muck Diving)
(512/432) [Sylvanaar Defender’s Pauldrons] – BE q(The Bladespire Ogres)
(460/380) [Dragonbone Shoulders] – TF q(Evil Draws Near)
(560/520) [Earthmender’s Crimson Spaulders] – SMV q(Escape from Coilskar Cistern)
(472) [Exotic Spiked Shoulders] – NS q(Wanted: Annihilator Servo!)
(624/444) [Consortium Mantle of Phasing] – TF dq(Someone Else’s Hard Work Pays Off)

(576) [Vengeance Wrap] – c(Ta)
() [Illidari Cloak] – wd
(539) [Cloak of the Craft] – wd
() [Muck-Covered Drape] – r(Sporeggar)
(330) [Perfectly Balanced Cape] – HF dq(Heart of Rage)
(340) [Dark Cloak of the Marsh] – ZM dq(Lost in Action)
(490) [Delicate Green Poncho] – NG q(Bring Me The Egg!)

(942/812) [Felstalker Breastplate] c (LW)
() [Drakescale Hauberk] – wd
(1036/936) [Breastplate of Rapid Striking] – wd
(941/816) [Thick Netherscale Breastplate] – c(LW)
(762/452) [Warpstalker Breastplate] – TF q(The Final Code)
(669/594) [Dragonkin Shirt] – BE q(Maxnar Must Die!)
(746/596) [Crimson Mail Hauberk] – SMV q(Blast the Infernals!)
(886) [Chestguard of the Stormspire] – NS q(Surveying the Ruins)
(660) [Salvager’s Hauberk] – TF r(Lower City)
(717/572) [Bonechewer Berserker’s Vest] – HP q(Zeth’Gor Must Burn!)

(725/640) [Felstalker Belt] – c(LW)
(708/488) [Girdle of Gale Force] – wd
(442/382) [Marksman’s Belt] – r(Halaa)
(695/620) [Blessed Scale Girdle] – r(Sha’tar)
(566/436) [Darkhunter’s Cinch] – SMV q(Capture the Weapons)
(384) [Marsh Survivalist’s Belt] – ZM q(Stealing Back the Mushrooms)
(530/450) [Devolved Drake Girdle] – BE q(What Came First, the Drake or the Egg?)
(826) [Rune-Engraved Belt] – HP dq(Fel Embers)
(773/663) [Shattrath’s Champion Belt] – NS dq(How to Break Into the Arcatraz)

(543/488) [Felstalker Bracers] – c(LW)
(324/264) [Fen Strider’s Bracer] – ZM q(An Unnatural Drought)
(286) [Feathered Armbands] – TF q(Return to Rokag)
(332/292) [Bracers of the Weald] – BE q(…and a Time for Action)
(556/356) [Goldenlink Bracers] – NS q(Securing the Celestial Ridge)
(414/254) [Oronok’s Old Bracers] – SMV(The Cipher of Damnation – The First Fragment Recovered)
(451/296) [Auchenai Bracers] – TF dq(The Soul Devices)

(616) [Felfury Gauntlets] – c(BS)
(675/560) [Netherdrake Gloves] – c(LW)
(401) [Windstrike Gloves] – c(LW)
(428) [Handguards of Precison] – HP dq(Weaken the Ramparts)
(703/588) [Ar’tor’s Mainstay] – SMV q(The Cipher of Damnation – The Third Fragment Recovered)
(618/518) [Gauntlets of the Redeemed Vindicator] – NS q(Deathblow to the Legion)*

() [Leggings of Beast Mastery] – wd
(775/660) [Scales of the Beast] – wd
() [Chimaerascale Legguards] – wd
(670) [Felscale Pants] – c(LW)
(535,470) [Marksman’s Legguards] – r(Halaa)
(418) [Battle Scarred Leggings] – HP q(Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways)
(561/456) [Finely Wrought Scale Leggings] – NS q(Master Smith Rhonsus)
(636/576) [Expedition Forager Leggings] – ZM q(Saving the Sporeloks)
(678/548) [Razaani-Buster Leggings] – BE q(Show Them Gnome Mercy!)
(849) [Nether Leggings] – NS q(Dr.Boom!)
(950/790) [Sunfury Legguards] – SMV q(Varedis Must Be Stopped)

() [Abyssal Mail Greaves] – wd
(555/440) [Boots of the Pathfinder] – wd
(421/156) [Heavy-Duty Engineering Boots] – NS q(Elemental Power Extraction)
(323/228) [Windroc Boots] – BE q(Windroc Mastery)
(617) [Fleet Refugee’s Boots] – TF q(Helping the Lost Find Their Way)
(512/462) [Protector’s Boots] – BE q(Protecting Our Own)
(761/506) [Duro Footgear] – NS q(Rightful Repossession)
(523/448) [Boots of the Skybreaker] – SMV q(Enraged Spirits of Air)

(454) [Pathfinder’s Band] – wd
(580/440) [Truestrike Ring] – wd
(250) [Delicate Eternium Ring] – c(JC)
(408) [Lightwarden’s Band] – r(Aldor)*
(560) [Band of Anguish] – SMV q(News of Victory)
(580) [Slayer’s Mark of the Redemption] – SMV q(Dissention Amongst the Ranks)
(580) [Kaylaan’s Signet] – NS q(Deathblow to the Legion)*
(216) [Time-bending Gem] – CoT dq(Hero of the Brood)
(348) [Naliko’s Revenge] – HP dq(Turning the Tide)


(168)[Ancient Draenei War Talisman] – TF q(The Vengeful Harbinger)
(208) [Bladefist’s Breadth] – HP q(Overlord)
(286) [Terokkar Tablet of Precision] – TF q(Torgos!)
(288) [Uniting Charm] – NG q(Corki’s Gone Missing Again!)
(288) [Ogre Mauler’s Badge] – NG q(Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates)
(312) [Core of Ar’kelos] – NS q(Ar’kelos the Guardian)
() [Everlasting Underspore Frond] – ZM dq(Oh, It’s On!)
() [Essence Infused Mushroom] – ZM dq(Stalk the Stalker)*
() [Power Infused Mushroom] – ZM dq(Stalk the Stalker)*

Weapons – 1H
(6330/308) [Ced’s Carver] – wd
(4719/275) [Footman’s Longsword] – r(Honor Hold)
(4933/288) [Hardened Stone Shard] – r(Sporeggar)
(7184/540) [Guile of Khoraazi] – r(Consortium)
(7081/462) [Vindicator’s Brand] – r(Aldor)*
(6821/210) [Retainer’s Blade] – r(Scryers)*
(6958/330) [Riftmaker] – r(Keepers of Time)
(4998/260) [Dib’Muad’s Crysknife] – TF q(The Big Bone Worm)
(5081/318) [Shani’s Crysknife] – TF q(The Big Bone Worm)
(5544/286) [Mag’hari Fury Brand] – NG q(The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge)*
(5544/286) [Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-blade] – NG q(The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge)*
(6103/525) [Claw of the Netherwing Flight] – SMV q(Ally of the Netherwing)
(6027/407) [Twin-Bladed Ripper] – NS q(Nexus-King Salhadaar)

Weapons – MH
(5010/264) [Gift of the Ethereal] – r(Consortium)

Weapons – OH

Weapons – 2H
(6139/360) [Blade of Misfortune] – wd
(8290/696) [Crystalforged War Axe] – wd
(8896/1059) [Hellforged Halberd] – r(Honor Hold)
(6456/408) [Explorer’s Walking Stick] – r(Cenarion Expedition)
(9065/455) [Trident of the Outcast Tribe] – r(Lower City)
(7146/300) [Honed Voidaxe] – NG q(The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge)*
(8377/540) [Terokk’s Quill] – TF dq(Terokk’s Legacy)

Ranged Weapons
(6048) [Don Santos’ Famous Hunting Rifle] – wd
(5046) [The Gunblade] – wd
(5840/5790) [Valanos’ Longbow] – wd
(6488/6433) [Veteran’s Musket] – r(Honor Hold)
(5785) [Consortium Blaster] – r(Consortium)
(5213) [Hemet’s Elekk Gun] – NG q(The Ultimate Bloodsport)
(5560) [Lohn’goron, Bow of the Torn-heart] – SMV q(The Cipher of Damnation)



  1. Anonymous said,

    if you can only play an hour or so at a time personally it think it’d be better spent in arena…

    ok you’ll enter now at a disadvantage because everyone that has entered arena a handful of times now has arena gear, and as of the 2.3 patch you’ll be able to grab the first seasons gear too, taking the edge away from the players that spent time in arena as opposed to bg’s…

    the gear is equivilent to tier 4/5/6 now and unless u can raid u’ll find it hard to get anything that matches or is even close.

  2. Aspect of the Girl said,

    […] there I’m going to start looking at quest rewards. The Mystic Hunter put together a Gear for All list which is pretty helpful. Leveling wise, I only did half of Hell Penn (too ugly), skipped […]

  3. Aspect of the Girl said,

    […] Mystic Hunter “Gear for All” here […]

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