Return of the Coat Rack

October 12, 2007 at 2:31 pm (Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

As far as luck goes, mine is very spiky. I’ll get nothing for a long long time and then have a single great day. My very first UBRS run (15-man back then), I was dressed all in greens (long streak of bad luck remember). Some were level 40s even. During the course of the run, I recieved Beaststalkers bracers, pauldrons of elements (no one wanted them), AND my Beaststalkers Breastplate. I was able to roll of the BP because the group I was running with didn’t consider BoE to count towards your one rare for the run. Now for those that ran UBRS 40+ times for their chest piece, I know I’m going to horrify you. My favorite piece of gear at 60 was the pauldrons.

Yes, I wore shaman gear with no Agi on it.

The shoulders I replaced were 4-5 Agi and 4-5 Sta green BoE. There wasn’t much loss there. The elements had more Sta than my previous, plus some Int which I was low on as well. Str and Spr were mostly wasted, but it was still an upgrade.

After the run, I remember getting on the boat in menethil. Some random guy already raiding MC gave me my first “Nice coat rack.” He was not the last. I eventually started PvPing and found that an abnormally large number of shocks and lightning bolts were targeted at me. That made me love them even more. Anything that POed the horde was a bonus in my book.

Now you may ask “why didn’t you upgrade them?” Answer? I never found anything better. Seriously, I know there’s better drops, I just never saw them. Remember, how I said that I had streaky luck? Well my bad luck with shoulders went well over a year. I finally replaced them with some random quest in BC.

It’s still in my bank, but I miss my coat rack.

And now it’s come back to me:

Not only that but check out this bow: WANT!

I don’t care if those are shaman mail or not, I will have them. Any 10-man guilds on Kel’Thusad looking for a hunter?


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