Old Pet Skills

September 27, 2007 at 12:56 pm (Game Design, Warcraft, World of Warcraft) (, , )

Old beta pet spells

Some one on TKAsomething forums linked those awhile ago saying “look new pet skills,” and this was one of the responses:

“Never went live. They were just talked-about ideas that were deemed overpowered. Blizz’s devs realized that there are certain things they can’t give pets or (a) everyone would use the same pets for tactical reasons and (b) giving a hunter pet a CC effect is going to be unbalanced. (Let’s not argue about seduce and fairness of warlock fears, mkay?)”

<sarcasm>Blizzard has never allowed one pet to be head and shoulders above the others. Pay no attention to those that speak of and, like, such as, certain cats and bats that had super fast attack speeds, or pets that had enhanced pursuit speeds, Lightning breath and scorpid poison gains from spell damage, charge’s huge threat generation. </sarcasm> Yeah, all that stuff got changed (beware boar lovers), but I really question if it should have been.

A 1.0 attack speed is great for PvP, but that 2.5 sec bear would have had killer KCs. A stun/slow + DOT might be OP in PvP, but there’s no reason they couldn’t do something like “usable against beasts only” or some other iteration.

“everyone would use the same pets for tactical reasons”

Clearly, tactics do not change based on the situation, right? RIGHT? Who knows why blizzards thinks this way. There’s 1v1 PvP, group PvP, arenas, single pull soloing, AoE soloing, 5-man group tanking/CC, 5-man group DPS, Raiding situations. I think they should purposely go ahead with making a single best pet (via pet skills) for each situation and let the stable be the limiting factor.

An example set of skills: Bears get a knockdown attack (interrupt + 1 sec stun) on a 30 sec cooldown, Crocolisks get an instant extra attack when they dodge, Spiders get infected wound, an ability which increase physical damage done to target by 5 each time it is applied, 30sec cooldown.

Are each of these abilities OP? Not really.  Each of them is already in the game in some form, and you can never have them all at once. The 1 sec stun could be awesome in arenas, but you’re giving up a high DPS pet for that stun. You’d never use that bear for a raid as most bosses would be immune. Likewise for the croc. No sane player would attack a pet, so the ability is nullified, but the croc’s natural armor coupled with the extra DPS would make it a great soloing pet. The spider’s ability would make it highly desirable to raids, but for PvP and soloing where battles are short, there are clearly better options.

As for

“giving a hunter pet a CC effect is going to be unbalanced”

I had no idea that Intimidation was imbalanced (a CC any pet can use). I’ll stop using it right away. Adding an addition CC to a single pet family wouldn’t be imba either, so long as they were giving something else up (a sporecloud for sporebats would be a good candidate).

My favorite design philosophy is: No one is OP, when everyone is OP.


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