Where’s the Beef?

September 21, 2007 at 8:33 am (Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

The PTR has been closed and now it seems that the next content patch, 2.2, is finally on its way.  But wait a minute… where’s the content?

The patch contains the usual item, class, and bug fixes, but when you look at it nothing really new.  The only thing that could be considered a major upgrade worthy of a major patch is voice chat and video capture (for macs only).  However, chat != content.  That’s just interface stuff.

Personally, I don’t plan to use the chat.  I already turn off most default channels for a less Chuck Norris-y experience.  The only reason I would is to talk with my friends but we already have a TS server, and I can play any character on any server and use it.

I can understand why they haven’t given any new content.  The last patch was pretty full with Black Temple, new faction grinds, and whatnot, but really there wasn’t much there that interested me either.  I’ll never see the BT, and hours and hours of faction grind, just for a trinket or crossbow?  Not for me.  The netherdrake was pretty painless tho.

Anyway.  My newb characters are going good.  Got my mage to 17 and I’m really enjoying blasting things to pieces before they can even reach me.  My pali just equipped his Rakzur Club, but hasn’t had a chance to use it.  He was already 2 shotting things with his 10DPS Birchwood Maul.


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