Steady Shot for Complete Noobs

September 14, 2007 at 2:23 pm (Hunter, Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

Are you having problems convincing that horrible, horrible hunter in your guild that he can improve his DPS significantly by watching his Steady Shot? Need to make it so simple a an EQII player could understand it? This post is for you.

Lets say your Steady Shot hits for 400 damage and has a cast time of 1.5 seconds. You may think, “Hey, that means it does 400/1.5 = 266.66 DPS!” Think again. How many Steady Shots can you get between Auto Shots? Well check your weapon speed on the character page and I guarantee it’s 2.96 seconds. Why? Because the slowest weapon between 60 and 70 is 3.4 seconds, and you’re wearing a quiver/ammo pouch that reduces casting time by 15% (and if you’re not you better be).

If you try to fire twice between auto shots, you’re going to delay it. That means that the actual DPS of Steady Shot is the damage divided by your personal weapon speed.

For me that’s 2.04. So that Steady Shot gives me 400/2.04 or 196.8 DPS. That’s down quite a bit from the 266 above.

Now lets say I’m feeling a bit lazy, and don’t press steady right away. Well because Steady has a casting time, that will also increase my weapon speed. By just being 1/10th of a second (0.1s) too late, my Steady would have a DPS of 1.86.9 and lose 10DPS. Wait did I just say “increase weapon speed?” That’s right, I would also delay my Auto Shot so my white dps of 271.8 would decrease to 258.7, a decrease of 13DPS. That’s a grand total of 23DPS lost just because I was 1/10th of a second lazy. Imagine what would happen if I was a whole half a second lazy…

The moral of the story is: Fire your steady shot as early as possible.


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