Newb Class Impressions

September 7, 2007 at 9:05 am (Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I’ve been taking a break from my hunter to try out some other classes lately, and since I have nothing really hunter related to state, why not write about that?

First off, I tried playing my warrior again. I actually started about a year ago and had her up to level 60 with a fury spec decent PvP gear. The main reason I went fury was actually the PvP aspect. I just about went insane the first time I tried to stop a flag capture with my 3.3 second 2 hander. It went something like this: HitHimHitHimHITHIM, (Bob has captured the stables), AHHHHHH!, you hit Bob for 500 dmg. I eventually transferred servers to play the char with some friends (that needed a tank), and found that I really hate tanking. That kind of burnt me out on warriors.

I loved fury, but it really depends on having 2 good weapons, and that just doesn’t happen when you’re leveling. I also wasn’t looking forward to getting “Joe invites you to a group, “<decline>, Joe whispers hey can you tank for us? However retrying the BC content called to me, and I bought a Blade of Misfortune cheap to give arms a try. I gave up after one evening. I will try again, but trying to take on mobs with a 225 2H sword skill was not fun. The only fights where I actually killed the mob are the ones where I popped Retaliation. I used it 3x (yes a whole hour) before giving up and going to stockades to clear a few times and get my skill up. I’ll try it out again later.

I also started 3 new alts all currently 13, which I’ve been having fun with: pali, mage, and priest. The pali is pure fun. I played one up to 30 before so I know what I’m doing for now. I also had my BS warrior make tons of gear, so I’m set up with copper/silvered bronze/green iron gear into my 30s. At level 11 I was hitting mobs for 110 damage crits, and taking off more than half their health. Gear > skill. I’m probably going to go retribution and hope that the 6 sec cooldown on Crusader Strike rumor goes through. Otherwise, it will be AoE prot spec.

All I ever hear about for mages is “are you fire or frost spec?” So of course I’m going arcane (not sure where to put the other points). I started putting points in improved missiles, but I’m killing things before they even reach me so I’m not sure how wise and investment that was. I’m figuring it will pay off later. All I can really say is it’s amazing how much damage I can put out with 3 button presses. Good times.

Now for the priest. Everyone and their non-WoW playing sister knows that you should spec shadow to level. Judging by my experience as a tank, I’m not really a group play kind of guy so that further pushes me towards DPS. However, the non-conformist in me just screams whenever I even look at the shadow talents, and further, ‘evil priest’ still has less association with melting faces than pederasts for me. So what to do? Be a holy/disc DPS priest of course. The talents are there, they’re just not convenient, nor are they as effective as their shadow counter parts. So here’s what I’m thinking to start, and to finish.

Any thoughts on talent specs? Have you tried a new class lately?


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