The novel idea of RP on RP realms.

August 23, 2007 at 8:15 am (Warcraft, World of Warcraft)

I promise. Something more interesting is coming, but I wanted to comment on this discussion of RP realms. I’m surprised at how polarized the (first few) comments are. There’s the ‘RP realms for RPers only,’ the ‘it’s just a game you dumb RPers,’ and the ‘only on RP to get away from the kiddies.’

I was very close to choosing a RP realm as my home when I first started playing. The main reasons I didn’t are I had some friends that had already rolled characters and the 3 types of people I listed above. The reality of RP is that there is a lot of gray area, and I’m definitely in the middle.

The RPers don’t accept me because I don’t stay in character. I actually do, because I consider my character to be me. If I have to use the bathroom and say ‘bio break,’ that’s exactly what my character would say too. “Hold on, baby is crying” means my character has to change the baby too. “Hey did you guys watch Conan O’Brian last night?” Guess what? My character was watching TV last night and would like to discuss a show.

On the other side the it’s-just-a-game people don’t like me either. For instance, My hunter has always used bows, and avoided guns. I’ve passed up a few guns, where people /boggled, and accused me of being a bad hunter for doing so. It probably even damages my credibility on this blog to admit it, but to me having the highest DPS is secondary to enjoying the game. Heh, I just realized that an appropriate response to those accusations is “it’s just a game.”

Another example. I was trying to explain to a few RL friends that play WoW that I wasn’t excited about the expansion because of Death Knights. They said “You don’t know anything about them, how can you know you won’t like them?” It’s pretty simple actually: they’re evil. Or at least they call on evil powers. I already know I can’t play a warlock, or a shadow priest. A plate wearing damage dealer is my ideal class in many ways, yet as soon as I see that class quest text that says something like “… and that is why you have no soul …” I’ll log out never to play that character again. Heck, just getting a quest from the first forsaken character I encountered completely turned me off to horde.

I can’t say I blame Blizzard. The powerful, soulless archtype that answer’s to no one is exactly what the 13 year olds want, and the 21 year olds wish was true, but the 31 year old here thinks there’s enough evil in this world. I don’t want to pretend to be evil when I want to escape it.


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